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Click Frenzy Lending a Helping Hand to Places in Need

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By Published On: March 17, 20200 Comments

Australians have gone through the wringer in 2020. From bushfires to the virus outbreak, the country is in need of some help. Click Frenzy is aiming to make a difference with its Places in Need event, which starts at 7 pm tonight.

Click Frenzy’s bi-annual travel sale will not be postponed, despite the COVID-19 outbreak. Instead, it’s helping out those in need.

“It would be ludicrous to proceed with Click Frenzy Travel as though it is business as usual,” said Grant Arnott, the Founder of Click Frenzy, to “Commercially, we should cancel altogether, but out of the carnage we see an opportunity for us to do something good for the many businesses in dire straits.”

Click Frenzy travel will now focus on Places in Need – this initiative aims to promote small businesses and Australian locations that are experiencing hard times due to recent bushfires and travel issues.

“Travel businesses are in hell – bushfires, then coronavirus have wreaked unprecedented carnage and small businesses have been most impacted,” the websites read. “Click Frenzy Places in Need shines the spotlight on beautiful and safe destinations that need your help.”

The Click Frenzy team is working with hotels, airlines and small businesses to showcase the ‘little-known secrets and stunning treasures’ of Australia which are deemed safe to visit.

“Let’s regrow. No one needs to travel tomorrow, but this is an opportunity for Australians to look at the many amazing destinations available, with some incredible offers for forward bookings,” said Arnott. “We are working closely with our partners to ensure deals offer flexible dates and cancellation terms to ensure that consumers feel comfortable. We truly hope that Australians get behind this initiative and boost businesses in need.”

Click Frenzy’s Places in Need event takes place on March 17th at 7 pm and ends midnight, March 19th.

DisclosureClick Frenzy Pty Ltd is owned by Global Marketplace, the parent company of Power Retail.

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