Co-Founder of Brandless Steps Down as CEO

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The Co-Founder of Brandless, Tina Sharkey, has stepped down from her role as the company’s chief executive, so she can wear “fewer hats” and focus more on the business’s overall mission.

Sharkey has served as the company’s CEO since the brand-free online store was founded in 2017. After two years in the top job, she has announced her decision to take on a new role as co-chair of the Brandless board of directors. In a blog post, the retail exec said that it was time for her to re-direct her focus to Brandless’ mission, culture and community, to help the brand continue to make an “outsized impact”.

“As CEO, I have served as heads down operator focused on scaling the infrastructure for our growing team as we execute against our operational plan,” she wrote in a blog post.

This is reportedly in addition to her duties as co-founder, which saw her serve as the company’s curator of collective vision and purpose and team builder, among other responsibilities.

“By spending all of my time in this [board of directors] role I can do more to accelerate the world’s understanding of what it means to be Brandless. More Goodness,” she explained.

According to the post, Brandless’ CFO, Evan Price will serve as an interim CEO while the board of directors look for a permanent replacement for Sharkey.

In her post, Sharkey emphasises that Brandless is still as committed today to provide a better way to shop for goods as it was in 2017 and that this will continue to be the key focus once a new leadership team is recruited.

“We knew then and we still deeply believe there has to be a better way. A better way to run a company. A better way to deliver to customers. A better way to create amazing stuff. A better way to serve our communities. A better way to give back. This drive to find a better way has led us to where we are today.

“We will continue to walk our walk because as you have heard me say over and over again, giving is Brandless. Practising tangible acts of kindness remains at the soul of our company… “I have never felt more strongly about showing the world that profit and purpose are not at odds with each other and that WE can build a better way,” she said.

According to Sharkey, Brandless will also continue to drop new products on a daily basis, while re-thinking what it means to be a digital-first retailer in today’s retail and socio-economic climate.

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