Coles Named Leading Sustainable Food Retailer in Australia

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Coles has been named the most sustainable food retailer in Australia by World Benchmarking Alliance’s (WBA) 2021 Food and Agriculture Benchmark.

The supermarket has come in second in the world for its sustainability efforts.

Coles was ranked based on its governance, environment, nutrition and social inclusion practices, beating out of 350 of the world’s ‘most influential’ food retailers. Furthermore, Coles has ranked tenth in the world in the food and average manufacturing and processors category.

The WBA found that Coles “ranked first among its retail peers in social inclusion, while landing among the top five in nutrition, and top ten across the governance and strategy, and environment measurement areas.”

The Chief Sustainability, Property and Export Officer of Coles, Thinus Keeve, shared how the retailer aims to continue its progress to become the country’s most sustainable supermarket. “Coles’ Together to Zero and Better Together ambitions, as outlined in our Sustainability Strategy, underpin the steps we are taking to drive generational sustainability,” he said.

“Under Together to Zero, Coles has set bold emissions and energy targets, including to be powered by 100 per cent renewable energy by the end of FY25, and to deliver net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 – and we are well on the way to achieving them. We recognise the role we have to play but know that we cannot do this alone, and that we need to work together with our many stakeholders to drive positive change. We know that we are Better Together when we work together with our team members, farmers, suppliers, customers and the communities we serve.”

Keeve also explained that despite this impressive feat, the retailer has more work to do. “While sustainability issues are dynamic and evolving, and there is still much to do, we are committed to maintaining momentum on our sustainability journey,” he said.

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