Conqr: Could this be the future of retail hiring and advisory?

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Leading Australian Startup Conqr makes its next move, innovating talent matching using Cutting-Edge AI Video Technology.

Conqr, the Australian tech trailblazer committed to creating a better world of work through Artificial Intelligence (AI), is taking the retail networking and talent acquisition sphere by storm. Fresh off a highly successful capital raise, Conqr has unveiled its latest game-changing product, Video Cards, set to revolutionise the way professionals connect with businesses and clients within the Conqr network.

In a world where innovation is the lifeblood of progress, Conqr is leading the charge. Their mission revolves around leveraging the potential of AI to seamlessly connect businesses with highly skilled experts, and their latest offering, Video Cards, is a testament to that commitment.

The Video Cards Advantage

Video Cards represent a quantum leap in how professionals present themselves in the business world. This groundbreaking feature empowers consultants and job-seekers to ditch the conventional static text and profile images in favor of dynamic video cards and then use Conqr’s powerful AI to match these cards against jobs (or professionals). It’s a powerful tool for professionals seeking to stand out and make a lasting impression.

But what truly sets Conqr’s video cards apart is the remarkable AI technology underpinning this feature. It dissects the content of video cards, extracting spoken words, key phrases, and non-verbal cues. The AI then compiles this data to create comprehensive profiles for each consultant, enabling Conqr to provide unparalleled matches for businesses seeking expert assistance. It’s not just a visual presentation; it’s an in-depth analysis of knowledge, experience, and personality, all packaged in a captivating video format.

Benefits of matching & hiring with video


  1. Engagement Amplified: Video Cards offer a more engaging and personal connection between professionals and potential employers or clients, transcending the limits of traditional text-based profiles.


  1. Content Richness: Consultants can convey their expertise, passion, and enthusiasm with the richness of video, far beyond what is achievable through text alone.


  1. Precision Matchmaking: Conqr’s AI analyzes video content to facilitate more accurate and relevant matches between businesses and consultants, streamlining the recruitment and talent acquisition process.


  1. Bias Reduction: By emphasizing content over appearances, Video Cards help reduce biases that might linger in traditional image-based profiles, ensuring a more equitable and merit-based approach.


  1. Memorable Impressions: Video cards empower professionals to create authentic and memorable first impressions that resonate with potential partners, clients, and employers.


The Future of retail hiring 

Conqr’s Video Cards are poised to redefine the landscape of professional networking. In an increasingly digitised world, authentic personal connections can be challenging to establish, making first impressions all the more critical. Video Cards bridge this gap by creating a platform where authenticity and expertise shine through.

This innovative approach is not only a leap forward for consultants and professionals but also for businesses seeking the best talent. By harnessing the power of AI technology, Conqr ensures that the connections made are rooted in genuine skills and compatibility. The potential applications of Video Cards extend to industries like Talent Acquisition, consulting and freelancing, making it a versatile tool for a wide spectrum of professionals.

As Conqr continues to push the envelope in professional networking, the future holds exciting possibilities for the world of work. Video Cards, with their unique combination of video, AI, and authenticity, are set to play a central role in shaping that future. This goes beyond mere connections; it’s about paving the way for a better world of work.

If you are a retail business looking to hire talent, or a professional looking to connect with jobs faster and more flexibly, you can find more information at or contact Conqr Content and PR Lead Liz Odey at [email protected]

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