Consumer Behaviour: 72% have used Click & Collect

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The pandemic lead to a reliance on Click & Collect, but was it a short-term shift or has the fulfilment landscape been forever altered?

Each fortnight, Power Retail surveys over 1,000 online shoppers to find out how consumer behaviour is changing. The latest data shows that in the last year alone, almost three quarters (72%) of Aussie shoppers say they have placed an order by Click & Collect. This is a slight increase (from 70%) from when we surveyed Australian shoppers in February 2022 which shows usage is on the rise post-lockdowns, not decreasing (as some may have assumed). While Click & Collect usage may have boomed during peak covid-times, it’s clear it has now become a long-term behaviour change.

So, why are consumers choosing Click & Collect? For those who have recently used Click & Collect, the main reason was that it was faster than delivery (51%). In second position (48%), shoppers also said pricing (that it was cheaper than delivery) was a reason they chose Click & Collect, with convenience in third position (46%). Concerns regarding in-store browsing and COVID barely register (with just 3% picking this as a reason) and in last place. It does show that while behaviour may have initially changed due to need (covid restrictions, health concerns and delivery delays just a few examples), it is now a choice driven by speed, pricing and convenience.

Why do you choose Click & Collect survey data

Source: Power Retail Switched On Trajectory Report #56

Those who chose delivery over Click & Collect said it was the convenience of delivery that led to this decision (46%) and in second place, free delivery was the reason Click & Collect wasn’t chosen (33%). Twenty-two percent said they don’t live near the store to collect from after clicking. In this way, it is also pricing and convenience that is driving delivery rather than Click & Collect.

As we see in most consumer surveys related to fulfilment, communication around timing is key. The biggest frustration around Click & Collect for consumers is not knowing when the order will ready, which was chosen by almost half of all survey respondents (49%). Finding a parking spot and / or getting to the store, waiting in queue to collect the order or finding the actual collection point, come in second to fourth place at 15%, 14% and 14% respectively.

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