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Consumer Survey: Online Surge in Travel Sector

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By Published On: October 20, 20220 Comments

Australians are far more comfortable planning both domestic and international travel in the coming year, and they're heading online to do it.

How has the pandemic shifted travel behaviour? The latest data shows that not only are Aussies planning to spend big in the coming year, they’re heading online to place their bookings. Each fortnight, Power Retail surveys over 1,000 online shoppers to find out how consumer behaviour is changing. The Latest Talking Point was a deep dive into Travel Intentions.

The good news is that the vast majority (76%) of those who normally travel domestically say it is likely or highly likely that they will book a holiday within Australia in the next year. Only a tiny minority (7%) say it’s unlikely or that there is no chance. The majority (71%) of those who normally travel internationally are planning an overseas trip in the coming year. Just 16% say it’s unlikely or that there’s no chance they’ll book an international trip.

When we asked respondents these same question back in January 2022, two thirds (66%) said they were likely or highly likely to book travel within Australia. Only 28% said they were likely to book an international trip. A massive 57% said there was no chance or they’re unlikely to book an international trip, compared to the 12% who say there is no chance or it’s unlikely they will book a domestic trip this year. For context, this survey was conducted while the omicron variant was running wild and Australians were recovering from Christmas and January travel chaos. With borders open, quarantine and isolation periods off the table as well as less strict vaccine requirements, Australians are clearly more comfortable booking a trip.

Source: Power Retail Switched On Trajectory 55

We asked respondents how they planned to book accomodation for their trips, and it shows that online is booming in the travel sector. Power Retail found that:

  • A large proportion (43%) use booking or comparison sites to book their accommodation for domestic trips, with 23% using an app such as Airbnb.
  • Only a small percentage (3%) use travel agents when booking accommodation within Australia.
  • Accomodation via booking or comparison sites for overseas travel is also the most popular option for international bookings, and is how 47% plan to book their accomodation.
  • Travel agents are the next most popular option for booking international accommodation, though at a much lower 16%.
  • It does show how comfortable Australians are booking online, even for international travel.

Source: Power Retail Switched On Trajectory 55

When it comes to flights, half of all respondents who travel domestically (50%) book their flights directly through the airline, with a quarter (25%) booking through travel booking sites.

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