Inside a Consumer’s Online Shopping Habits

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In light of Australia Post’s recent online shopping figures, Power Retail talks to an avid online shopper, Emily Lochran, to find out what her motivations are for shopping online, as well as her typical spending habits.

Recent research from Australia Post has revealed that Aussie shoppers spent $21.3 billion online in 2017. While this might only be a fraction of how much was spent in bricks-and-mortar stores, for consumers like Lochran, convenience wins out over the traditional concept of shopping in-store time and again.

“I am a time-poor working mum, so getting my children to and from stores can be difficult. The 24/7 convenience of online shopping, while being able to watch the kids makes online shopping easy,” she says.

Despite the growing popularity of e-commerce marketplaces and shopping with International sellers, Lochran is among those who prefer to shop with local e-tailers, which accounts for 80 percent of the recorded $21.3 billion spend.

“Most [of my] purchases are from Australia, but I tend to price check on international sites just in case,” Lochran says. Her support of local e-commerce businesses even goes as far as choosing to shop with small to medium-sized businesses over some of the larger retail brands.

When it comes to what she purchases online, Lochran feels comfortable buying almost anything, as long as it’s easy to do so. Among her regular online purchases are groceries, children’s clothing, accessories, homewares, wine, and as she puts it, “anything I want to hide from my husband”.

She also states that she’s happy to throw some extra cash into shipping if it’s quick and easy.

“I usually expect two to four days for delivery. Any longer, then the price would need to reflect this and be well-communicated,” Lochran says.

Social media also influences Lochran’s shopping habits, as she says social campaigns often bring products she’s interested in, to the front of her mind.

“I’m currently renovating my house, so homewares brands are important to me right now and a good alert or offer I see online will, of course, help me decide [what to buy].”

Add all of this together, and Lochran estimates she spends $1,000 a month on online shopping.

“Each month, adding up my groceries, homewares, the children and my own private purchases, I would say approximately $1,000 covers it.”

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