Convert Digital Announces Strategic Partnership with commercetools

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Convert Digital has announced a new strategic partnership with the cloud-native headless commerce platform, commercetools.

The partnership aims to ‘open up new opportunities’ for APAC retailers and wholesalers. Today’s market is increasingly realising the benefits of a more agile and adaptable online experience. Furthermore, a study from Gartner identified that organisations that have adopted a composable approach to e-commerce enabled by MACH (microservices, API-first, cloud-native, headless) architecture will “outpace their competition” by 80 percent by 2023.

“Partnering with commercetools demonstrates our commitment to delivering fit-for-purpose solutions across a growing number of industries and applications,” said Founder and Managing Director of Convert Digital, Andrew Waite. “Backed by its API-first approach, with commercetools we’re creating memorable commerce experiences with more flexibility and a faster time to market than ever before.” 

According to Convert Digital, it was the “first truly agnostic” e-commerce agency in APAC. The agency’s clients currently include Cadbury, Modibodi, CAMILLA AND MARC, Puma, Esther & Co., Makeup Cartel, et al. 

commercetools is built on modern MACH principles – this enables merchants the chance to reduce operating costs and cut tech debt while enabling a faster route to market. The platform was founded in 2010 by Dirk Hoerig, a German entrepreneur. commercetools works with the likes of Qantas, Kmart Australia, Bailey Nelson, Breville, Baby Bunting and Koala. 

“Convert Digital is a leading e-commerce agency with world-class implementation capabilities that support headless commerce,” shared Joshua Emblin, Territory Director APAC of commercetools. “With this partnership, I am confident we are able to offer our enterprise customers scalable, fast, flexible e-commerce solutions that will accelerate speed to market.”

“Convert Digital have long been a respected player in the market, having delivered class-leading experiences for a number of household brands and retailers in the ANZ market. Their strong technical team have quickly adopted leading-edge technologies such as next.js, which will add tremendous value to their customers as they develop headless and composable architectures”, explained Emblin.

Convert Digital’s existing e-commerce platform partners include Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce (Magento) and BigCommerce. The addition of commercetools to this platform selection will offer a ‘new robust and scalable option’ for enterprise retailers, wholesalers and those undergoing large-scale digital transformation.

Convert Digital and commercetools are jointly engaged in a number of opportunities and look forward to delivering outstanding e-commerce experiences in the coming months. Looking to build your next web experience, or interested in finding out more? Reach out to Convert Digital via email or their website.

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