Data Policy

Power Retail Pty Ltd (‘Power Retail‘, ‘we‘, ‘us‘, ‘our‘) is committed to providing quality services to you and this policy outlines our ongoing obligations to you in respect of how we manage data provided to us through our Switched On membership program. For more information regarding the security of this data, please contact us for a copy of our Data Security Policy.

What is a Switched On membership and why do we collect data?

Power Retail Switched On membership provides members with access to three separate members-only portals, depending on the membership tier:

Ecommerce Insights (Advanced members only)

Top 500 (Advanced members only)

Retail Benchmarking (Lite & Advanced members only)

This policy applies only to the data that is collected through the Retail Benchmarking portal.

The data in the Retail Benchmarking portal is accessible by members who allow Power Retail to access their Google Analytics data via a secure connection to the Google Analytics API, and from third parties. We make no promises or guarantees regarding the policies or security of links from third parties’ websites, and we recommend that you contact the owners or operators of such websites if you have any concerns or questions.

All benchmark data collected from Google Analytics is anonymised and not individually identifiable within the Retail Benchmarking platform. For analysis purposes, your Google Analytics account will be assigned to one or multiple industry benchmarks, and your data will only be accessible to others in the Retail Benchmarking portal at the lowest level via aggregation with similarly classified properties under these industry benchmarks. To protect the anonymity of all members’ data, the names or numbers of properties assigned to each benchmark will not be disclosed to any parties.

By design, the Retail Benchmarking portal provides aggregated percentage or proportional numbers, and not actual numbers, to protect the privacy of all members’ data.

We collect this data in order to provide our services to you, and improve the services provided by Global Marketplace.

Personal Information

Personal Information is information or an opinion that identifies an individual. Examples of Personal Information we collect includes: names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers.

We do not collect any personal information as part of your Google Analytics data. In accordance with Google’s PII policy, Google Analytics data that is stored in the Retail Benchmarking portal must not include personal information.

For information about the ways in which we manage any other personal information we hold, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Unsubscribing from Switched On membership

You may unsubscribe from your Switched On membership by contacting us in writing. When you unsubscribe, your organisation’s data will continue to be collected and retained while your Google Analytics account is linked.

If you wish to disconnect your Google Analytics account from the Retail Benchmarking portal at any time, you can do so by following these instructions available in our customer support. When you disconnect your Google Analytics Account from the Retail Benchmarking portal, we will no longer receive a daily feed of your Google Analytics data. However, we will continue to hold your data that we have collected to that time in accordance with this Data Policy and our Data Security Policy.

Third Parties

Where reasonable and practicable to do so, we will collect your data only from you. However, in some circumstances we may be provided with information by open source third parties, including services like SimilarWeb and Wappalyzer.

Disclosure of Data

We will not disclose your organisation’s data to other third parties, unless you provide your written consent to that disclosure, or if we are required or authorised to do so by law.

Security of Data

We take reasonable steps to protect the security of your data. For further information about the way your data is stored and secured, please contact us for a copy of our Data Security Policy.

We will continue to hold your data for a minimum of 7 years after the end of our relationship, unless you request in writing that it be destroyed or de-identified.

Policy Updates

This Policy may change from time to time and is available on our website.

Policy Complaints and Enquiries

If you have any queries or complaints about our Data Privacy Policy, please contact us at:

445 Auburn Road, Hawthorn, Victoria 3122

E: [email protected]

P: 03 9103 2300

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