December a Stellar Month for Online Retail, Report Finds

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Preliminary retail figures for December are set to be released today, but eStore Logistics has already predicted it as the 'wholesome gift-giving' month. 

The report from eStore Logistics shows drastic YoY growth for online orders in the holiday trading season, with high growth figures for health and beauty (30 percent), and books, CDs and DVDs (33 percent).

In April 2020, CDs, DVDs and books hit peak growth rates of 129 percent, and 96 percent in September, compared to the same periods in 2019.

Home improvement and renovation items have experienced an enormous growth of 96 percent.

Furthermore, many shoppers chose to buy their Christmas food and beverages online, with a 67 percent uplift from the previous year.

“After a really challenging year, it’s no wonder that Aussie Christmas shoppers opted to give wholesome gifts to friends and family at Christmas. In fact, the growth in online orders in 2020 for these products shows that we responded to 2020s challenges by making wellbeing our top priority,” said Leigh Williams, the Managing Director of eStore Logistics.

Australian states stayed out fo lockdown during December, which helped drive sales to physical stores. Despite the open stores, Australian still chose to purchase many Christmas gifts online, Williams explained.

“For online orders to still be growing at 27 percent compared to December 2019 shows us that the habit of online shopping is being cemented in our lives for the long term,” he said.

Across the country, Australians shopped far more online than in previous years. Shoppers in Victoria made 33 percent more online purchases than the same period in 2019, with NSW shoppers making 28 percent more purchases.

Furthermore, Queensland shoppers upped their online spending by 25 percent, with shoppers in South Australia making 23 percent more online purchases than in 2019.

One of the leading retail categories throughout 2020 was home improvement, which experienced stellar growth rates of 138 percent YoY in November, and 129 percent growth YoY in October.

Despite these growing categories, fashion fell slightly as a result of the pandemic, with 22 percent fewer orders made online compared to the same period in 2019.

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