Deliveroo Jumps on Subscription Bandwagon

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Deliveroo is the latest company to offer consumers free delivery for a monthly subscription fee, lifting the benchmark on what's now becoming the new normal.

Deliveroo has today announced the launch of its new subscription service Deliveroo Plus, offering unlimited free delivery to customers, for $18.99 per month.

Last year Deliveroo launched Editions and Marketplace+, with this latest offering following in the footsteps of loyalty programs across all sectors, from Netflix to Amazon Prime.

Plus subscribers will also receive exclusive offers from restaurants in their neighbourhood. Deliveroo says that customers who order from it regularly could save around $25 month with the subscription. Amazon Prime, which offers unlimited free delivery as well as other perks, is $6.99 per month, while eBay Plus is just $49 per year.

“We see the introduction of our new Deliveroo Plus subscription as a game-changer for the industry in Australia and we’re proud to be the first food delivery platform to offer this to our customers,” said Levi Aron, Country Manager for Deliveroo Australia.

“Our customers tell us that they want an easier and more seamless experience when it comes to ordering food,” Aron adds. “We find they’re ordering on our platform even more frequently and for a range of reasons, whether ordering dinner when they work late or groceries delivered on the weekend.”

Deliveroo tells us that within a few days of its soft launch of Plus, more than 20,000 have signed up to the subscription service.

Subscriptions services across all sectors obviously help to encourage loyalty, increase order frequency and repeat purchase behaviour. In other countries where Deliveroo has launched its subscription service, it has seen an increase in these elements as well as new customers joining the platform.

Deliveroo customers now see double the number of restaurants to order from, compared to the start of the year. With its Plus subscription, Deliveroo is encouraging it customers to fit their food requirements around their lifestyle and order whatever they want, whenever they want, with unlimited free delivery. 

Its gains like this that change consumer purchase behaviour, a pattern that those in e-commerce know all too well. Just as an office-worker might have a craving for ramen and expect almost instant delivery, so too do they expect that this experience can be replicated in every element of any purchase journey. Fast, free, no fuss, whether it’s a burger, staples or an evening gown. Deliveroo is one of many in a long line of service providers not only responding to consumer expectations but also helping to shape those very expectations in the process.

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