Digital Marketing Trends to Watch out for in 2019

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With 2019 facing an onslaught of innovative advances in technology, the impact it will have on marketing will no doubt be drastic.

In 2019, retailers will be thinking how to make every moment an opportunity to increase their brand image and increase customer databases. Shopping will not only be more convenient, but more instant as well. Whether businesses are ready or not for the impending change, here are the three key trends to prepare for.

Content Remains King

Content will remain the king in building customer trust and increasing brand loyalty. Business Insider, predicts that 30 percent of internet users will be using an ad blocker as people will be putting more trust in reputable content instead of relying on advertisements. 2019 will see businesses investing more in content marketing, particularly in video content. Videos are the quickest and most effective way to reach out to potential customers. In 2018, YouTube announced it has over 1.8 million monthly active users, proving how powerful video has become as a channel.

With the rise of live videos across social media, it’s a great opportunity for retailers to use video as one of the primary content marketing platforms to connect with their audiences. Interactive shoppable videos with engaging content and a 360-degree view of the product are an excellent way to grab attention and increase click-through rates. Above all, it is critical that the content produced across all platforms is not only engaging, but most importantly, informative, and designed to deliver value to the customer.

Emerging Technology Trends

Technology is changing the way customers shop, opening new channels to connect and communicate with consumers. The advent of AI, AR, voice search, and chatbots have had a major impact on customer behaviour. A distinct advantage with using AI-based technology is the ability to analyse and leverage the vast amount of data that is created daily. This data crunching can be used to effectively engage with a target audience and enhance the shopping journey through personalisation. Using AI to analyse specific characteristics of consumers can help businesses better understand consumer behaviours and patterns, and ultimately, meet the increasing demands of the customer.

Chatbots are on the rise faster than they’ve ever been as AI drives greater change in the way marketers are interacting with customers. According to Gartner, 25 percent of customer service operations will use virtual customer assistants by 2020. These bots are not only becoming more human-like in their responses but are also finding better uses with machine learning to extract greater insights from data and enhance personalisation strategies. Additionally, with increasing expectations of instant results and answers, installing a messenger app or chatbots feature on your site can ensure that your customers’ queries are actioned promptly, without waiting for a response from a customer service representative that might take a couple of minutes.

Customer Experience (CX)

Another important factor is Customer experience (CX), which continues to be a key driver of sales and build a strong customer database. Reports show that customer experience will overtake price and product quality as the key brand differentiator by 2020. This means that physical stores will be looking beyond the brick and mortar to offer a rich digital experience to customers. It’s important to have a well-defined omnichannel strategy that would deliver a seamless marketing journey for customers that shop both online and in physical stores, making shopping more social, responsive, and convenient.

2019 will prove to be challenging for marketers who fail to adapt to the changing paradigm. With changing consumer behaviour, new technology, and various shopping channels, personalisation and consistent customer engagement will help retailers to cut through the dean. Hence, it’s imperative for retailers to be adaptable, future-ready, and to make the best of the omnichannel shopping experience.

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