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Solus eDMs

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Email Audience

Solus eDMs are sent to our mailing list of over 11,500 highly engaged subscribers

Rest assured that you will be engaging with significant investment decision makers, as more than 37% of our subscribers hold high-level positions such as CEO, Owner, Director, or similar executive roles.

Solus EDM

Solus eDMs are 100% owned by your brand

Our database receives only one solus eDM per day, which ensures that your brand eDM receives undivided attention from our core audience of decision makers. Power Retail limits the number of solus eDMs to three per week.


Maximise cut-through by A-B testing

Evaluate your email’s effectiveness and increase engagement among our audience by testing elements such as creative designs, subject lines, and more.

eDM Banners

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Email Brand Exposure

Guaranteed brand exposure in Power Retail’s weekday or weekend newsletter

Promote your brand in an eDM banner in one of our weekly newsletters.

Drive Email Leads

Drive leads and establish your brand as a trusted authority in your industry

Attract potential customers by using an eDM banner that showcases your thought leadership content, which can include white papers, editorials, events, reports, market testing, and other valuable resources.

Contact [email protected] to book in your Power Retail solus eDM or eDM Banner.

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