Digital Thursdays to Take Aim at Digital Talent and Skills Gap

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Online retail continues to grow, retailers are investing more in their digital presence, but not always in their teams and upskilling in house resources. Technology is evolving, customers expect more, digital is getting more complicated and roles become more specialised.

Those of you who know or follow me will know that I have been on a bit of a rant for some time now about the digital talent and skills gap we face here in Australia and New Zealand… In fact, you’re probably seen my previous post on “Our Responsibility to the Next Generation of Digital Leaders” from a few months back.

Well, I’ve decided that we’ve talked enough, and now it’s time for action!

So, I’d like to introduce you to Digital Thursdays. A group and regular Meetup for those passionate about a future in digital and industry veterans to come together; learn, listen to guest speakers and have a drink or two on us.

Our first event is this Thursday from 6.30ap at MYOB in Cremorne. Given many of the team working on Digital Thursdays are from NZ, we have decided to donate $10 for everyone to attends to support the victims of the Christchurch terrorist attack earlier this month.

The event will include 3 speakers presenting TedX style, followed by Q&A and networking time. Our first speakers include:

Marius Nel, MYOB: Developing Talen with People First in a Digital Business

Nicola Clement, Meraki Digital: Data Driven Design

Amanda Green: Fundamental Advice to Achieve eCommerce Success

I’m so very aware that over the past 17 years or more working in digital, that I have had the chance to grow my career with the industry and technology as it evolved.

But how daunting must it be today for those coming up the ranks to be in the workforce where roles are increasingly specialised? How do they choose where to start, how do they grow their careers and move up the ranks, how do they get the experience they need to land their dream job?

But even more so, where are the opportunities for them to connect with their peers and create a strong network within the industry? Many of the up and coming digital talent I have had the pleasure to meet or work with don’t get to attend the big conferences or attend breakfast briefings or the likes. Even free events are often not attended, either they don’t know about them or they may feel intimidated and think it’s not the place for them.

If we want to address the local talent and skills shortage, we need to start from the ground up, nurture the talent we already have in the industry and support them as they grow up to take over the reins. They will be the legacy we leave behind, so let’s make it a legacy we can all be proud of.

With Digital Thursdays, are creating a movement to empower, mentor and connect the next generation of digital leaders. We are building an online community where we’ll share key events, news articles, career advice and updates, and will get together regularly to meet up in key cities and share ideas and learnings with guest speakers and a few drinks.

Eat, breathe and dream digital at Digital Thursdays. Meet your peers, your mentors and get your geek on! Come join us…

We welcome everyone with an interest in digital, whether you are just starting out of you’ve been doing this since the internet was invented, agency or client-side, we all have a part to play…

Join our Digital Thursdays Linkedin Group and I hope to see you at our first Digital Thursday Meetup on 28th March in Melbourne.

If you have any questions or you would like to be involved either as a speaker, mentor or sponsor, please contact Nicola Clement at [email protected]

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