Do Customers Feel At Home with Online Retailers?

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A person's home is their castle, and online shopping is one of the crucial steps to getting it that way. In the latest Shopper Profile Report by Power Retail, more than 20,000 online shoppers were asked about their last Homewares purchase. 

Shopping for homewares online is a habit that’s more prevalent than ever. From a sleek new couch to assorted decor and wall art, shopping online for homewares has become the new normal. The latest Shopper Profile Report on Homewares details more than 70 different aspects of online shoppers, including general characteristics, discounting, delivery and apps. “Each section breaks out relevant attitudes and behaviours of the target market,” explained Mark Fletcher, the Insights Manager at Power Retail.

According to the report, nine per cent of all online shopping is made up of homewares – in comparison to fast fashion, which is also nine per cent, this equates to a significant chunk of the online shopping industry. In contrast to the average fast fashion shopper, who are typically under 30. According to the report, 29 per cent of online homeware shoppers are aged 30 – 39 years old.

Unlike many other shopping categories, those who buy homewares typically don’t purchase the products on the whim. Forty-six per cent of shoppers would refer to more than one other online retailer to compare prices, with 27 per cent of them ‘moderately’ planning to make a purchase around a sale or promotional event. “Unfortunately, most homeware purchases are not time-sensitive, so this market does shop around looking for bargains,” Mr Fletcher discussed.

As hunting for bargains often results in customers switching from store to store, often shoppers will steer clear from the same online retailer unless they offer the best deals.  But if a store doesn’t have the best deals, can they keep customers coming back with the help of a loyalty program? According to the report, 60 per cent of shoppers prefer to have their points never expire from a loyalty program, and 15 per cent of those customers would prefer to use the points they earn in exchange for a discount.

To find further facts about homewares shoppers, check out the latest Shopper Profile Report by Power Retail, where you can find 70 in-depth graphs and stats about online shoppers, their attitudes and behaviour. Each Shopper Profile Report addresses a key e-commerce target market, and provides a huge selection of important insights, taken from more than 20,000 interviews with online shoppers in the last six months, exclusive to Power Retail.

You can also tune in to the Power Retail Podcast to hear deeper insights from Mark Fletcher about the report, the range of prices that shoppers ‘feel good’ about buying online and how to keep a customer loyal. Check out the full podcast on Power Retail’s YouTube channel below.

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