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How much have Australia's favourite online retailers changed since they first launched? Let's go back in time and see how far e-commerce has come over the last ten years.

A lot has happened in 2020 – it feels as if two years have gone by, yet it’s only June. E-commerce has come a long way since it first began, and some of the country’s biggest names in the industry have undergone serious changes in the last ten years, let alone the last six months.

Let’s take a look at three of the biggest e-commerce platforms in Australia today and see how much they have changed since they first started.


THE ICONIC – December 2012

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THE ICONIC has consistently maintained a clean and easy-to-navigate home page. In 2012, the thought of overnight shipping was something many could only dream of, but THE ICONIC seemed to predict this keen interest early. If a shopper saw this homepage in 2020, they wouldn’t think twice – it’s modern and simple. While fashion has changed from 2012, the overall message for THE ICONIC hasn’t.




Maintaining a fresh and modern aesthetic across the homepage, THE ICONIC has remained consistent with its brand identity from the start. Each category as an individual image is eye-catching and easy to navigate. THE ICONIC has nailed the homepage from the start and remains one of the leaders for fashion online.


Booktopia – 2004

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We all have to start somewhere! Back in 2004, Booktopia was just starting out. All of the elements are there, but the design is a little dated (given, this is more than 15 years ago!). The retailer’s iconic green hue has stayed strong over the years – it’s often associated with safety and creativity, which is exactly the emotions that a retailer wants to emulate with its customer. Extra points for the Papyrus font.


Booktopia – Today

via Booktopia

Australia’s local bookstore has certainly evolved since it started. Keeping its green colour throughout the years, and while t removed its Papyrus font, Booktopia has secured its brand image. The dropdown menu is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing to look at. While the banner doesn’t overpower the page, it’s eye-catching enough to capture the audience’s attention.


Showpo – February 2014

via Wayback Machine

What IS Showpo? In 2013, Showpony officially cut ties with its last two letters and become the brand that it’s better known by today. The soft and summery shades used on this site are very of the time, but the easy to navigate buttons across the menu would still be effective today. The banner takes up most of the real estate of the page, which is something that is still seen to this day. Showpo has always been a social butterfly, which is helped by the convenient ‘Like’ Facebook button on the bottom of the banner. Of course, the Rainbow Paddlepop background with a white frame is far less common in 2020, it is an effective site for fashion goers.


Showpo – Today

via Showpo

It’s safe to say that Showpo understood its customer from the very start. Just like all good retailers should, Showpo has adapted with its changing customer base, as well as the latest e-commerce trends. The bold and in-your-face banner is hard to miss, but the simple wording is extremely effective. You don’t have to mention the word ‘sale’ these days to know that there are discounts to be found. Even after five or more years, Showpo has remained strong about its social following, replacing its Facebook ‘like’ button with the far trendier Instagram and its impressive following.

Which Australian retailer would you like to go back in time and see? Let us know in the comments below.

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