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E-Commerce Time Machine: Big W

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By Published On: April 26, 20210 Comments

Big W has been one of the leading department stores in Australia for more than 50 years. Take a trip in the Power Retail E-Commerce Time Machine to see how far the retailer has come with its digital offering from 1999 to today.

Big W is one of the longest-serving department stores in Australia. Since 1964, the retailer has operatrd as a division of Woolworths Group and has more than 180 stores across Australia and Asia. How has its e-commerce platform changed since 1999? Find out with the Power Retail e-commerce time machine.


Big W | 1999




Big W | 2003

via Wayback Machinevia Wayback Machine


Big W | 2007


via Wayback Machine via Wayback Machine

Big W | 2010


via Wayback Machine via Wayback Machine


Big W |  2014


via Wayback Machine


Big W |  2017


via Wayback Machine




via Big W

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