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Winning the #1 Online Retailer award for the second year in a row, we felt it was only fair to show how much the platform has grown over the years. Starting from 1999 to today, take a look at the e-commerce journey Bunnings has undergone, and where it is today.

Over the last 20 years, e-commerce has undergone immense changes, and Bunnings’ offering is no exception. What started out as a simple platform with a few buttons, has turned into the leading online retailer in Australia.

We stepped into the Power Retail Time Machine to explore how far the business has come, and what radical changes it has made over the years to adapt to the ever-changing and evolving consumer behaviour, from the pre-pandemic landscape to today.

Bunnings – 1999


Bunnings – 2002


Bunnings – 2006



Bunnings – 2009



Bunnings – 2011



Bunnings – 2013



Bunnings – 2017



Bunnings – 2020



Bunnings – 2022


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