EasyShed Says November Index “Echoes” Its Performance, Reports 106% YOY Increases

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After reviewing NAB’s November 2018 Online Sales Index, online retailer, EasyShed says its monthly performance is largely in line with the big-bank’s notes from the month.

According to NAB’s most recent Online Sales Index, retail in November rose by 0.9 percent, accelerating slightly when compared to October’s performance (0.7 percent). Looking at the year leading to November 2018, online retail sales reached an estimated $28.86 billion, representing nine percent of overall retail spend for the sector.

Interestingly, NAB also reported that SME merchants represented a large portion of overall online sales throughout 2018 and during the month of November, with 35 percent of digital purchases being made through an SME.

After reviewing these points, Sharon Brown-Cikos, the head of marketing at EasyShed spoke to Power Retail claiming the direct-to-consumer business’s results pre-Christmas echo the results NAB recorded for the broader e-commerce sector.

“It’s interesting to see that we have echoed some of the key points indicated in NAB’s November 2018 Online Retail Sales Index. As an SME, which accounts for 35 percent of online retail sales, we’ve continued to see accelerated growth. Since changing EasyShed to an online direct-to-consumer model in 2012, we have seen huge annual growth since 2016. This is very exciting, particularly for an independent Australian manufacturer,” Brown-Cikos says. 

“NAB noted that there was a mixture of growths across categories in the 12 months to November. The highest category was department stores growing an average of 22.7 percent. EasyShed saw 106 percent YOY Growth in November, vastly higher than any of the average increases,” she says.

She also notes that EasyShed’s monthly performance increased between October and November, but at a much higher rate than was recorded in the NAB Online Sales Index. 

“EasyShed had sales increase 50 percent MOM, confirming the findings of the NAB report. This also supports NAB’s findings that SME’s saw accelerated sales (3 percent MOM) compared to larger online retailers (0.9 percent MOM).

“However, we have achieved continued YOY Growth in our online retail business since 2016, not experiencing the downward turn noted on page three of the NAB report.”

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