eBay Completes its Roll Out of Guaranteed Delivery

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eBay has reportedly finalised its rollout of Guaranteed Delivery, which is expected to provide millions of Australian consumers with a better idea of when their goods will be delivered.

Late last year, eBay announced its plans to roll out a Guaranteed Delivery program, with plans to release its newest incentive for sellers and shoppers in early 2018. On Thursday, eBay confirmed that this roll out has now been finalised.

“From today, eBay guarantees the delivery of millions of eligible items on site, with the ability for shoppers to search for and filter items by delivery speed,” an eBay representative said.

According to the online marketplace’s estimates, 39 percent of items will be delivered within one day, 71 percent within two days, and 89 percent within three days, provided the seller is part of the Guaranteed Delivery program.

Guaranteed Delivery on eBay

eBay finalises the rollout of its Guaranteed Delivery program.

eBay sellers are also expected to be able to assure customers that their goods will arrive on the specified delivery date, while shoppers will have the option of filtering search results based on Guaranteed Delivery speeds.

The marketplace also said in a statement on Thursday that eBay will provide a delivery cost refund and free returns option on any product that isn’t delivered by the ‘guaranteed’ date.

This quicker, more transparent fulfilment program is expected to benefit both sellers and consumers, as sellers will be able to better position themselves within the marketplace as fast and reliable, and consumers can shop for products knowing that they will receive them when they need them.

eBay also says that merchants will have increased visibility on the platform thanks to filtered search options, as well as through proposed marketing activities, which the marketplace claims will be held to promote eligible listings.

“eBay Guaranteed Delivery is eBay’s latest commitment to offering convenience for shoppers, and improved logistics for sellers to enhance their business growth opportunities,” company representatives said.

The completion of this rollout marks the end of a busy couple of months for the e-commerce giant, as the company announced its plans to re-launch earlier this month after Walmart purchased a majority stake in Indian marketplace, Flipkart.

The business also recently announced a partnership with Flybuys that will reportedly allow shoppers to collect and redeem points from the estimated 40,000 sellers on the platform.

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