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Recent research from dotmailer reveals that The ICONIC, Temple & Webster, and SurfStitch are among the top Australian brands when it comes to email marketing. What are they doing right, and how can brands replicate their success?

In the latest ‘Hitting the Mark’ report, online marketing company, dotmailer, reveals key insights into what leading Australian retailers are doing to engage their customers via email.

According to dotmailer’s findings, The ICONIC, Temple & Webster, and SurfStitch are topping the charts in Australia, successfully interacting with customers via well-executed email campaigns.

“From creative ‘welcome’ emails to automated, data-driven abandoned cart campaigns, these retailers have demonstrated robust email marketing practices,” the Regional Director of APAC at dotmailer, Rohan Lock, tells Power Retail.

“Not only do all three retailers have enticing welcome emails with a perfect blend of imagery and copy, the emails clearly outlined subscription benefits and offered a discount voucher when signing up,” he says.

Lock says that one standout in the company’s research was Temple & Webster’s abandoned cart email, where the e-tailer successfully combines a sleek design with strong personalisation.

“The template combines a beautiful design with personalised elements, such as the consumer’s name and abandoned item details which drive relevancy. Additionally, the messaging was clear and concise with a distinct call to action,” Lock says.

These points, as well as a strong user and customer experience focus, can help Australian retailers communicate more effectively with consumers.

“Given the highly-competitive nature of the retail industry, user experience (UX) is becoming a key differentiator for brands operating online. That being said, the overall customer experience (CX) satisfaction depends on a whole range of factors such as segmentation, personalisation, post-purchase follow-up, and a seamless shopping experience. Having a personalised, well-segmented, and automated email campaign with constant customer engagement is key to maximise the returns,” Lock says.

However, Lock also notes that a lot of Australian marketers are missing the mark with their campaigns, as 80 percent of the brands surveyed still aren’t segmenting their audiences.

Hitting the Mark has revealed that Australian marketers are not leveraging email marketing automation to its full potential. Consequently, sales are being missed.”

Rohan Lock

The Regional Director of APAC at dotmailer, Rohan Lock talks email marketing.

According to Lock, retailers also face a lot of challenges when it comes to keeping up with the changing face of email marketing, as technology is constantly evolving and brands’ overseas counterparts are relying more heavily on automation.

“Advancing technologies have made digital marketing incredibly sophisticated; shoppers are getting savvier and more demanding, and more importantly, they’re expecting a hassle-free and enjoyable retail experience. Brands that lack understanding and don’t get up to speed with email personalisation, effective content and customer follow-up will be left behind.

“As revealed in our benchmark report, Australian marketers can further leverage return on investment (ROI) if they spend more time and take full advantage of their email marketing automation.”

Retail marketers are also at risk of falling into the trap that more emails will discourage consumers from interacting with a particular brand, and lead to more unsubscribes. According to Lock, this isn’t true at all.

“It is actually possible to decrease the rate of unsubscribes by sending targeted marketing emails more regularly. The key here is ‘targeted’.

“Organisations who simply send dozens of blanket email messages are missing the bigger picture. The worst thing you can do as a brand is push the products you want to sell onto your subscribers without a second thought of their needs. Instead, you should pay attention to their preferences and behaviour, providing them with content and information they want to receive. If you aren’t – at the very least – segmenting on a basic level, you simply aren’t trying.”

The Benefits of a Well-Executed Email Marketing Campaign

Email is a useful marketing tool that can help retailers attract more online traffic, while also increasing conversion rates. According to Lock, the benefits of email marketing will only continue to grow as technology progresses.

“Marketers now have access to multiple silos of data that can take predictive analytics to a whole new level. With continual advancements in marketing technologies and easier access to customer data, companies are in a position to deliver exceptional online experiences,” Lock says.

“Investing in customer experience, personalisation and cross-channel promotion will help businesses achieve higher ROI; all that they need to do is explore their email marketing automation features further.”

To achieve these results, Lock believes marketers need to improve the overall customer journey, leveraging potential sales to build “stronger and more durable customer relationships”.

The Future of E-Marketing is Bright, Lock Says

Email marketing will be in a constant state of evolution, which means marketers and retailers alike will need to adapt and experiment with emerging technologies, holistically integrating emerging tech with existing strategies.

“We’ll see artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, and voice technology become increasingly prominent, which will enable brands to develop new features and functionalities for their email marketing strategies.

“Yet while technology is constantly evolving, the mediums in which marketers interact with customers, the core fundamentals of marketing, will always remain the same. Before jumping onto the latest hype, make sure to get the basics right by laying solid foundations,” Lock says.

The full Hitting the Mark report details more email marketing dos and don’ts, as well as some interesting facts about what other Australian retailers are doing. Download the full Australian report or the global report online today.

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