EOFY Sales Season is Upon Us: Are You Ready?

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By Published On: June 9, 20210 Comments

We're fast approaching the season for sales events, and with more online events than you could shake a stick at, retailers need to monitor the Australian market as it happens in real-time. That's where Power Retail Switched On comes in. 

With insights and data that retailers in Australia can trust, Switched On Members can monitor the market during peak periods and benchmark a business’ performance against its peers.

“During intense online shopping periods such as Cyber Week, Boxing Day and Click Frenzy, Power Retail Switched On will show all of the key metrics for market performance mapped against a retailer’s own performance,” shared David Fear, the Head of Analytics at Power Retail.

With three years of data to work with, businesses can monitor their performance daily, which is especially important during the peak sales periods of the year. According to Power Retail Switched On data, 75 percent of online shoppers now participate in online shopping events.

Understanding the history and forecasts for sales events isn’t just important – it’s crucial – for planning. “You might be seeing significant growth, but how are you doing against the broader market, and what confidence do you have in your forecasting for the next major event?” asked Ally Feiam, the Editor of Power Retail.

With the Switched On membership, retailers get full access to these insights, with in-depth analyses to key online shopping events throughout Australia, plus analytics on the Australian retail sector performance, with benchmarking and trends. What’s more, retailers can track these insights with the fortnightly Trajectory Reports that further forecast the Australian e-commerce market.

Combining real-time analytics from a broad cross-section of Australian digital retail businesses with fortnightly consumer data, Switched On provides a robust and reliable source of benchmarking data that you can trust. Are you Switched On?

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