Esther & CO Talks App Launches and Digital Strategy

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Esther & CO is set to start the New Year with a bang, with its new mobile app launching on January 1. In light of the news, we sat down with the company’s founder to talk all things digital.

To celebrate the start of 2019, online boutique, Esther & Co is launching a new mobile shopping app to take advantage of the boost in the amount of mobile traffic it’s seen in recent years. “About 60 percent of our customers use a mobile device when browsing on Esther & Co,” says the fashion business’s Founder, Talita Estelle. “Eighty-five percent of purchasers via mobile are also returning customers,” she continues.

Estelle also says that the app has been designed to give customers a dedicated space to shop.

“We live in a world where most of us want the best item at the best price – and we want to find it quickly! The Esther & CO website more than caters for the demand, but we wanted to create a new platform where our customers could access exclusive offers and experiences in a dedicated space.

Esther & CO’s new app is expected to land on January 1, 2019.

“The main objective was to create a better experience for customers and remove the friction from the purchase journey. This includes PayPal and Apple Pay instant checkout, a faster shopping experience, push notifications for sales and promos, as well as unique offers and marketing for our dedicated customers,” she says.

Set to launch on January 1, 2019, the app was designed/built by Tapcart and will give shoppers access to everything Esther & CO at the tap of a button. According to Estelle, the app will give consumers access to faster speeds than what’s currently available on its mobile site, as well as an exclusive 20 percent discount on each customer’s first purchase within app. Users will also reportedly get access to new products and sales before regular online shoppers.

“The app will be positioned as the place to get information first and to best serve our VIP customers. The push notifications will go out prior to other communications on the same topic. Eventually, the channels will work in conjunction with one another to only notify customers via their most used channel, which is exciting! This will come in the New Year,” Estelle says.

According to Estelle, the new app hasn’t been designed to increase overall brand awareness, but rather as a “must-have tool”, which is aimed at converting first-time customers. “If first-time customers/users see the app comes with a download discount, they will be more likely to convert and also become a recurring customer. Our goal is to increase the conversion of first time visitors, as that is a current pain point. This is where it’s really important to get the app value proposition right or users will simply download the app and delete it after discount use.”

The new app will reportedly enhance the retailer’s CX.

The mobile app, however, is just one of a number of exciting projects the team at Esther & CO are currently working on. A new website, revised order fulfilment options, buy now, pay later payment options and special promotions over the holiday period are also currently front-and-centre for the fashion retailer.

“We are getting ready to launch a new website – people say it’s risky to do so during this season but hey – no risk, no reward. With the new website comes a much improved UX as well as site speed. The new site will come with new filter functionality, a new search engine, colour swatches, product reviews, product recommendations and more.  We can’t wait for the launch,” she says.

The company is also working on giving customers the ability to pre-order products and is launching buy now, pay later solution, Lay-Buy for its New Zealand and UK customers. Over the busy Christmas season, Esther & Co has also taken its marketing to the next level, with its 25 days of Christmas campaign that launched on December 1. As part of the promotion, Esther & CO partnered with a number of brands to give its customers 25 days worth of exciting prizes. Some of the loot has included/will include beach bundles, diamond rings and even a luxurious trip. Estelle believes augmented reality (AR) will also be an area of interest for Esther & CO moving forward, as the brand looks to continue growing its influence in the e-commerce space.

“Market changes are always exciting – if not a little challenging at times! We always look forward to new opportunities in the e-commerce realm to learn more about our customers and what they want from their online shopping experience,” Estelle says.

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