Facebook’s New Review System Could Get Brands Banned From the Platform

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Facebook is looking to improve users’ shopping experiences on the platform, with plans in place to penalise brands that receive negative reviews from shoppers.

Facebook users will now be able to review businesses they’ve recently shopped through in their personalised “Ads Activity” section, so Facebook can judge the quality of a brand’s products and services.

“We’ll use this tool to get feedback from the community to help better understand potentially low-quality goods or services,” Facebook said in a statement.

Brands to get 'reviewed' on Facebook

Facebook is adding a new ‘review’ feature, which will put businesses under the microscope.

After interacting with a business via Facebook, the social media platform says users will be able to leave feedback through a dedicated button, which will prompt them to complete a questionnaire about their experience with a particular brand.

Facebook reportedly plans to gather this feedback, and share it directly with brands that have consistently poor reviews, giving them “a chance to improve” before the platform takes action against the brand in question.

“If feedback does not improve over time, we will reduce the number of ads that particular business can run,” the company said. As a final point of action, Facebook says brands could potentially be banned from running paid Facebook campaigns.

While banning brands from running paid content is the last resort, the company is heavily focused on providing “guidance” for business pages to help them improve their customer satisfaction rates and better meet user expectations.

Facebook consumer review feature

Facebook plans to provide brands with feedback to help improve customer experience.

Traditionally, e-commerce has only played a small role in Facebook’s overall business strategy, however, in recent years it has implemented more shopping functionalities to meet consumer demand, and remain competitive with other social media platforms.

Facebook has previously introduced e-commerce features such as ‘Marketplace’, Facebook ‘Collection’, and buy buttons in Facebook Messenger, as well as the pending AR integrations in Messenger that Facebook hopes will increase consumer engagement with brands via the app.

Facebook’s new review system was announced a day after Instagram revealed its ‘shoppable’ Instagram Stories, where brands will be able to add a shopping bag icon to their Instagram Stories, so users can learn more about featured products and be directed to the brand’s website to make a purchase.

Facebook says its new feature is designed to improve customer shopping experiences and alleviate consumer pain points, such as misrepresented shipping times and product descriptions in Facebook ads.

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