FedEx Introducing Bots for Same-Day Delivery

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By Published On: April 18, 20190 Comments

With consumer demand getting higher by the day, FedEx is introducing 6-wheeled bots to roam the streets, delivering door-to-door.

Starting in July, FedEx will be trialling delivery bots in Texas, Memphis and New Hampshire in the US. The bots look like a white cargo box attached to the base of a (high-tech, six-wheeled) wheelchair. Each one can carry up to 100 pounds and its powered by rechargeable battery. I uses software, sensors and a 360-degree camera to navigate. The bots can also fit through standard doorways,  climb steps, safely make it through puddles and travel over gravel, sand or snow.

To make deliveries, customers unlock the bot’s sliding door with an app or a special code. Many  businesses have already signed on for the trial, including Pizza Hut, AutoZone, Lowe’s, Target, Walgreen and Walmart.

While FedEx would own and maintain the bots, they can be customised depending on the needs of the particular retailer (for example temperature control for food or medication).

Earlier this month, approval was given for X, an offshoot of Google’s parent company, to make local deliveries by drone in Canberra’s north.

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