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How to Maximise Pre-Christmas Sales

With the festive season fast approaching, retailers are bracing for the most lucrative period of the retail calendar. But, how can you ensure your e-commerce platform is prepped for the holidays and beyond?

By Michael Jenkins | 14 Nov 2018
How to Trounce Amazon at SEO

Want to know how you can go head-to-head with Amazon and their mammoth online search presence? Michael Jenkins, the founder and director of Shout Agency! shares his top tips.

By Michael Jenkins | 21 Jun 2018
Why Your Online Storefront Is So Important

We look at one successful online retailer, and how investing in its online storefront has paid off, which today is just as important as a retailer's bricks and mortar storefront, and in fact now rivals them.

By Michael Jenkins | 07 Dec 2016
Why Retailers Need Google Click-to-Call

Google Click-to-Call has a number of benefits to retailers looking to gain from the surge in 'buy now and pick up' online trend. However, to receive that benefit you need to have your Google My...

By Michael Jenkins | 30 Nov 2016
Did your Google Rankings Change Overnight?  

It’s been a two-year wait, but Google’s anticipated new algorithm started rolling out over the weekend and it's already in action. Say Hello to Google Penguin 4.0.

By Michael Jenkins | 27 Sep 2016
How to Harmonise Online and Offline Retail

Using digital marketing to harmonise both online and offline retail channels can help to close the omnichannel gap.

By Michael Jenkins | 24 Aug 2016
Blogger Outreach - The Strategy and The Reality

Blogger outreach may be a surefire method for building your brand's visibility, but there's a lot of effort required to get it right, says Michael Jenkins.

By Michael Jenkins | 17 Mar 2014
What Blogger Outreach means for SEO: The Untapped Resource

Businesses are missing out on two opportunities for brand and SEO growth: optimising the content they are sending out, and tapping into optimised peer-to-peer marketing by contributing to the blogging space.

By Michael Jenkins | 18 Feb 2014
Link Earning - The New Link Building?

Change the way you approach content and its value to your site with these 'link earning' techniques and you’ll find enhanced visibility follows, writes Michael Jenkins.

By Michael Jenkins | 03 Feb 2014
How to Optimise your Marketing Campaign Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics can help businesses get the full value out of the vast amounts of website traffic data and interpret subtle trends. Shout's Michael Jenkins explains that businesses not using these analytics within marketing strategies...

By Michael Jenkins | 09 Oct 2012
Replatform Without Losing SEO Value

Any e-commerce website will require a platform change at some point. Unfortunately, many companies forget to prioritise SEO in this process and sacrifice brand equity along the way. Michael Jenkins from Shout! Web Strategy explains...

By Michael Jenkins | 10 Sep 2012
Website Links: Deciphering the Good and Bad

Creating links to and from your website is a valuable way of promoting your brand and product offering, as well as increasing website traffic. Michael Jenkins, Managing Director from Shout Web Strategy deciphers the linking...

By Michael Jenkins | 10 Aug 2012