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How Successful Was 2019 Prime Day? The Stats Are In...

300K Aussies visited Amazon each day over Prime Day, and a further 40K people made a purchase. Amazon is rapidly expanding in Australia, but was the 2019 Prime Day all we expected?

By Lisa Luu | 08 Aug 2019
The Most Effective Way to Capture Your Customer Base

The ways in which marketers segment their customers are changing. According to a 2019 Marketing Week survey, demographics, such as age and gender, are being replaced by psychographic and behavioural segmentation.

By Lisa Luu | 16 Jul 2019
The Shift Towards Digital Channels in Retail

In the past decade, consumer habits have shifted far beyond what was thought possible. Lisa Luu from Hitwise explains the shift towards digital channels in retail.

By Lisa Luu | 18 Jun 2019
Buyers vs. Browsers: Simplifying the Process

Lisa Luu from Hitwise explains why audience-based marketing can help acquire and engage more buyers and how to simplify this process.

By Lisa Luu | 03 Jun 2019