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Project Reviews: Effectively Managing Risk and Reward

Sometimes projects fail and most of the time these failures are completely avoidable. Manage the risk with a stringed project review process, writes Graham Oakes.

By Graham Oakes | 20 Jan 2014
Six Things Professionals Say That Should Trigger Alarm Bells

In business, projects can fail for many reasons. However, paying close attention to what professional project managers are saying can act as a warning that things are headed off the rails.

By Graham Oakes | 22 Nov 2013
Project Management: Considering Insurance to Mitigate Risk

Project management is largely about risk management; but if insurance is a time-tested method of mitigating risk, why can't I get a policy for my projects? Graham Oakes asks.

By Graham Oakes | 17 Sep 2013
Vacuums and Standoffs: Concerns for Organisational Governance

Responsibility and, perhaps more importantly, accountability are crucial to successful organisational governance, but there's a right and wrong approach, says Graham Oakes.

By Graham Oakes | 21 May 2013
Choosing the Right Technology Solution for Businesses

Figuring out which technology to purchase and implement is tricky business, especially considering the knock on effects the wrong decision can have, writes Graham Oakes.

By Graham Oakes | 16 Apr 2013
Big Data: It's Not a Question of Technology

Everyday we hear more about the supposed benefits of big data, but for the uninitiated, launching into data analysis can amount to a Big Waste. Graham Oakes explains what it takes to gain control.

By Graham Oakes | 19 Mar 2013
Overcoming the 'Spiral of Invisibility' with Operational Transparency

Increasing numbers of modern businesses seem to rely on invisible mechanisms. Using techniques to promote operational transparency can prevent this from becoming a problem.

By Graham Oakes | 18 Feb 2013
Best Practice or Bureaucracy?

Are your ideals of 'best practice' actually slowing your business down? Graham Oakes explains how trying to control change can hamper retail operations.

By Graham Oakes | 25 Jan 2013
Cloud: The Fuzzy Edge

Is the cloud a magical gift of the technology gods? It doesn't always have a silver lining for e-commerce businesses, according to Graham Oakes.

By Graham Oakes | 21 Aug 2012
The Five Key Types of Demand and How Best to Address Them

Today, Graham Oakes presents insights into the various types of demand that any business may encounter, as well as tips to dealing with them correctly and efficiently.

By Graham Oakes | 23 Jul 2012
Service Levels, Coal Mines and Economic Reality

Are service level agreements similar to working in the coal mines? Graham Oakes thinks so. Read his comparisons and tips on sophistaicated SLAs.

By Graham Oakes | 21 May 2012
What the Cloud is Really About

The majority of businesses engaging 'The Cloud' are only harnessing a tiny fraction of its power. Graham Oakes demystifies the notion of cloud computing.

By Graham Oakes | 17 Apr 2012