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The British Invasion of Search Trends

Between royal events that have had the whole world watching, and massive global sporting competitions, all eyes are on Britain–and it's beginning to reflect in global search trends.

Tutorial Video: NBN for Business Explained

If you don't quite understand what the National Broadband Network (NBN) is and what its rollout means for your business, then this entertaining video will quickly put you on the right path to NBN readiness.

eBay Launches Offline Audience Segmentation in Online Advertising

Bringing the offline and online worlds one step closer together, eBay has released a tool that segments and personalises online advertising, based on a person's individual–and very offline–attributes.

Big Mooove: Mooo Rebrands as tinyme.

Popular pureplay retailer Mooo, responsible for bringing joy to the faces of children everywhere with its gorgeous personalised products, has rebranded, hitting the e-commerce space as tinyme.

Tutorial Video: Cloud Computing

The last time I checked, talking about clouds involved words like stratus, altostratus and cirrus–so If you're like me, and don't know your IaaS from your Paas or SaaS, then this fun tutorial video, 'What...

SLI Systems Announces Partnership with Magento

Specialist site search company, SLI Systems, has teamed up with e-commerce platform provider Magento, in a move that will be of great benefit to Magento's retail clients.

Infographic: 12 Tips for Selecting a Data Centre

All data centres are not equal, and as a result, there are some important considerations to keep in mind when choosing one for your business. This infographic from Macquarie Telecom sheds light on the 'need...

SYDNEY RETAILERS: Join Us Wednesday Evening

Sydney retailers, we want to connect with you. Plugged IN is powering up this week in the Sydney CBD, with live site reviews, drinks and nibbles to bring some networking fun to the retail community....

Exclusive Review: brandsExclusive Launches iPad App

For a pureplay retailer, brandsExclusive seems to have a lot of channels covered. The Australian online shopping club is diving into t-commerce with the launch of its iPad app this week.

Exclusive Interview Part 2: Russell Zimmerman on Retail Today

Bricks-and-mortar retail in Australia is in crisis, and part two of our exclusive interview with the Australian Retailers Association delves into the wage war and how it's impacting on the local sector. So who will...

Walmart & Angry Birds: Gamefication Takes Flight At Retail

Gamefication is no longer waiting in the wings of retail, as a unique Rovio and Walmart promotion sees it take flight with Angry Birds across the United States.

Payments and Security: Are You At Risk?

With National Consumer Fraud Week upon us, it's imperative that e-commerce businesses remember websites are also popular targets for scammers and fraudsters. Revisit our Special Report on Payments and Securities to see if you are...