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Mr Porter and Storytailing - When Retail and Media Converge

In this guest post, Michael Fox examines Mr Porters use of storytailing, the combination of retail and media to make creative content for the customer.

By Michael Fox | 01 Jun 2012
Retailer's Perspective - Amazon, Ethics and the Changing Retail Landscape

Michael Fox explores the conundrum caused by Amazon's recent price check promotion, which not only raises ethical questions but also signals a shift in the retail landscape.

By Michael Fox | 19 Dec 2011
Retailer's Perspective - The Next Phase: Experiential Retail

Michael Fox reflects on the changing nature of consumer demand, no longer satisfied with mass production, it's all about the experience and differentiation.

By Michael Fox | 24 Oct 2011
Retailer's Perspective - Marketing Through Your Packaging

Many online retailers underestimate the customer thrill of opening a purchase, but Shoes of Prey have this marketing and branding opportunity all wrapped up!

By Michael Fox | 17 Oct 2011
Retailer's Perspective: Shoes of Prey Discounts for Results

Discounting product is not usually a retailer's preferred tactic, but Michael Fox shares how Shoes of Prey targeted its sale to achieve exceptional results.

By Michael Fox | 03 Oct 2011
Doing Business in China: How We Hired Our Team

Recruitment is challenging enough, but try recruiting in a country where you don't speak the language! Michael Fox shares his experiences of recruiting in China.

By Michael Fox | 23 Aug 2011
Doing Business in China: How We Found Our Suppliers

Continuing his 'Doing Business in China' series, Michael Fox shares how Shoes of Prey went about finding suppliers for the businesses custom-made creations!

By Michael Fox | 09 Aug 2011
Retailer's Perspective - Shoe Manufacturing in China Vs. Australia

Shoes of Prey Co-Founder, Michael Fox offers a debate between the benefits of manufacturing offshore versus onshore. Is this a challenge your business faces?

By Michael Fox | 29 Jul 2011
Retailer's Perspective - Customer Acquisition at Scale

Tracking cost per acquisition is tricky at the best of times, Michael Fox shares highlights on how to approach tracking conversions for more focused results.

By Michael Fox | 22 Jul 2011
Retailer's Perspective: Heading off the Beaten Track - Offline

Considering heading offline, Shoes of Prey Co-Founder, Michael Fox shares his thoughts on the opportunities for offline stores to partner with pureplayers.

By Michael Fox | 14 Jul 2011
Retailer's Perspective: If the Shoe Fits - Learning from Customer Surveys

Shoes of Prey gets to know its client base and Co-Founder Michael Fox exclusively shares the results and learnings from the customer survey with Power Retail.

By Michael Fox | 08 Jul 2011
Facebook Pages: Fantastic for Word of Mouth Focused Online Retailers

Shoes of Prey Co-Founder, Michael Fox discusses how the company has differentiated and personalised its Facebook page in order to engage fans, further popularise the brand and drive conversion.

By Michael Fox | 28 Mar 2011