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DDIY – The Digital Do-It-Yourself Market is Booming. Are You Ready?

DIY (home improvement) shoppers have a specific type of online buying behaviour. This article (with free download) by SLI Systems provides great insights.

By Mark Brixton | 18 Jul 2013
Finding the Right Present Online – It's a Gift!

Creating best practice online user experiences is vital to increasing your bottom line. This is especially apparent with gifts and specialty goods as customers may not have a specific product in mind. Mark Brixton from...

By Mark Brixton | 05 Jun 2013
Crunching the Numbers - Making Good Use of Site Search Data

Harnessing the power of site search data can guide conversion optimisation and enhance the user experience. Mark Brixton shares how to get the most from your search box statistics.

By Mark Brixton | 15 Feb 2013
The Power of Infallible Navigation – Guiding Conversion: Part Two

In the second article of this two-part series, Mark Brixton from SLI Systems outlines how infallible navigation leads to a better user experience, and in turn, the potential for increased conversion.

By Mark Brixton | 10 Oct 2012
The Power of Infallible Navigation – Guiding Conversion: Part One

In this two-part series, Mark Brixton from SLI Systems outlines how infallible navigation can lead to increased conversion for online retailers.

By Mark Brixton | 01 Oct 2012
Transplanting the In-store Experience to the Online Environment

Replicating a fantastic retail experience online is paramount for e-commerce success, Mark Brixton from SLI Systems pinpoints the crucial elements to achieve web store optimisation.

By Mark Brixton | 10 Jul 2012
Testing for Success: Optimising Site Search for Conversions

Mark Brixton discusses why testing and conversion optimisation are crucial for not only an optimised online experience, but to ensure efficient site search and navigation functionality.

By Mark Brixton | 14 Mar 2012
Five Winning Site Search Tips to Increase Conversion

73% of visitors will leave your site if they can't find what they are looking for! Mark Brixton from SLI Systems shares five tips to increase your site conversion.

By Mark Brixton | 16 Nov 2011
The Online Concierge - Intelligent Site Search

Consumer expectations of the online experience have matured and so too have the technologies. Mark Brixton explains how to give your customers what they want, when they want it, maximising the opportunities for conversion.

By Mark Brixton | 07 Nov 2011
Conversions on the Move: On-Site Search for M-Commerce

Mark Brixton from SLI Systems, provides best practice m-commerce site search tips to enhance the mobile user-experience and encourage conversions on the move!

By Mark Brixton | 08 Sep 2011
Smarten Up Your (Search) Act

Optimising search and navigation is key to attracting customers and making sure they come back. Mark Brixton shows you how to take the guesswork out of search.

By Mark Brixton | 06 Jul 2011
Customising Site Search To Enhance User Experience

Mark Brixton from SLI Systems, discusses strategies to ensure that your site search meets customer expectations and enhances the online user experience.

By Mark Brixton | 20 Apr 2011