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Digital Catalogues - Getting Started

Digital catalogues are an important ecommerce marketing tool, even more so with the social sharing options encouraged by quality digital catalogues. Conversion expert Charles Nicholls of SeeWhy describes how to use digital catalogues effectively.

By Charles Nicholls | 10 Apr 2012
Marketing: It's Time to Ditch the Batch

Getting out of step with customers can have dire consequences, and at the heart of the problem lies batch transfers of data. Data transfer doesn’t sound exciting, but when customers are alienated, it’s something that...

By Charles Nicholls | 02 Apr 2012
The End of Facebook Commerce?

As more retailers back away from failing Facebook stores, SeeWhy's Charles Nicholls examines the flaws in the F-commerce model.

By Charles Nicholls | 22 Feb 2012
Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate Set to Rise in 2012

How can it be that shopping cart abandonment is still on the rise when many online stores have adopted sleeker processes to specifically avoid this? Charles Nicholls discovers why.

By Charles Nicholls | 24 Jan 2012
Why Free Shipping is the Top Holiday Promotion

Customers are a clever bunch. Always on the look out for the best discounts, deals and shipping offers. Charles Nicholls explains why free shipping is the best promotion your business can offer.

By Charles Nicholls | 25 Nov 2011
eBay's X.commerce - What It Means for Merchants

X.commerce may sound like something from the future, but it is here now and here to stay. Charles Nicholls simplifies the latest in platform technology.

By Charles Nicholls | 24 Oct 2011
Understanding Which Website Conversion Rate to Use

Although your website conversion rate can help gauge your site's success, it can be hard to identify the right metrics. Charles Nicholls is here to help.

By Charles Nicholls | 07 Oct 2011
Three Reasons Why Real Time Shopping Cart Recovery Emails Work Better

Sending recovery emails in real-time is a proven way of reversing shopping cart abandonment, retaining customers and securing sales, writes Charles Nicholls.

By Charles Nicholls | 26 Sep 2011
Three Pricing Tactics to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Online retailers can help curb shopping cart abandonment by introducing some simple, customer-centric pricing strategies, according to Charles Nicholls.

By Charles Nicholls | 09 Sep 2011
Remarketing Emails — Like or Loathe?

Despite suffering a bad reputation in the past, remarketing emails are a proven way to create brand trust and encourage conversion, argues Charles Nicholls.

By Charles Nicholls | 26 Aug 2011
Use Promotion to Tackle Shopping Cart Abandonment

Retailers can use promotions and discounts with clear and relevant calls to action to reverse the rate of shopping cart abandonment, writes Charles Nicholls.

By Charles Nicholls | 15 Aug 2011
Is Your Website a Bucket or a Sieve?

E-marketers often focus their energy on generating website traffic without analysing why visitors are failing to convert, writes Charles Nicholls.

By Charles Nicholls | 01 Aug 2011