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Peeking Into the Future of E-Commerce

I recently got an email from a well-known e-commerce marketplace asking whether I knew “that e-commerce still only makes up 24 percent of all retail sales”. 

By Andrew Gorecki | 21 Feb 2020
The Real Reasons Why Brick & Mortar Retail is Struggling

Many retail industry insiders, along with the media and external observers, believe that the rise of e-commerce signals the demise of traditional retail.

By Andrew Gorecki | 04 Sep 2019
Tackling Retail Challenges: The Clausewitz Way

What can retailers learn from military strategist Carl von Clausewitz? Retail Directions' Andrew Gorecki believes there's much to be gained from applying Clausewitz's war defence principals in the retail environment.

By Andrew Gorecki | 21 Mar 2013
Total Quality Management: Why it’s even more relevant today than in 1950

Total Quality Management is not widely practiced across the Australian retail sector. However, Retail Directions’ Andrew Gorecki, an advocate for more effective management processes, argues that it could give the retail industry the boost it...

By Andrew Gorecki | 25 Jan 2013
Five Drivers in Choosing Retail Technologies

There’s an adage in retail that one hasn’t progressed unless one has had a failed technology implementation. Andrew Gorecki's preference has always been to avoid these painful, expensive lessons.

By Andrew Gorecki | 29 Oct 2012