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How SFG is Winning at Omnichannel Retailing

Specialty Fashion Group may have its struggles with its store network, but it is delivering on its omnichannel strategy.

By Matt Hampshire | 28 Mar 2018
10 Statistics That Could Shape Your eCommerce Strategy

Reviewing a few select statistics is a simple way to gain perspective on where the e-commerce industry currently stands - and where it could be heading.

By James Taylor | 09 Sep 2015
Why your digital marketing strategy needs a ‘personal touch’

True personalisation to drive stratospheric conversion rates is the Holy Grail of any digital marketer. Criteo's Jeremy Crooks talks through the key considerations for getting personal.

By Jeremy Crooks | 07 Sep 2015
Content Weapons of Mass Conversion

Enjoy this content marketing webinar free on Power Retail. Watch the pre-recorded video for highlights.

Power Retail By Power Retail | 02 Sep 2015
5 Hidden Things To Explore When Doing An SEO Audit

What are the essentials for an SEO audit? Nick Grinberg of GMG Digital takes you through five less obvious but highly effective considerations for an SEO audit.

By Nick Grinberg | 28 Aug 2015
Harness The Power Of Personalisation

Check your assumptions at the door and collect customer clues for e-personalisation, says Kevin Ross.

By Kevin Ross | 26 Aug 2015
DealsDirect Wins Canstar Blue Online Retailer Award

Online department store is Australia's number one choice for online retailing, according to a new survey.

By Jessica Benton | 29 Jun 2012
Understanding Which Website Conversion Rate to Use

Although your website conversion rate can help gauge your site's success, it can be hard to identify the right metrics. Charles Nicholls is here to help.

By Charles Nicholls | 07 Oct 2011
Five Fingers of Death Part 5: Brand Awareness

In the final article in our 'Five Fingers of Death' series, John Lawson explores brand awareness and how retailers can best target audiences via social media.

By John Lawson | 25 Nov 2010
Diary of a Start Up - Part 7: Shipping Providers & Technology Solutions

In PowerRetail's seventh chapter of its Diary of a Start Up series, John Debrincat helps buddig e-commerce businesses choose a shipping provider and technology solution.

By John Debrincat | 17 Nov 2010
Five Fingers of Death Part 4: SEO

The Five Fingers of Death series continues as as John Lawson explains why SEO and social media go hand-in-hand.

By John Lawson | 10 Nov 2010
The Five Fingers of Death Part 3: User Generated Content

In the next chapter of "The Fiver Fingers of Death", John Lawson of ColderICE discusses why retailers should encourage user generated content - both the good and the bad.

By John Lawson | 04 Nov 2010