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The Future of Warehouse Automation for E-Commerce

For retailers that are looking towards expediting shipping and introducing faster delivery times, there's no better reason to start thinking about automation. 

Power Retail By Power Retail | 18 Jun 2020
How Shopify is Taking on Amazon as the E-Commerce Leader

Shopify has a plan for small to medium online retailers and is looking to quash Amazon in the bid for e-commerce leadership. 

Power Retail By Power Retail | 27 May 2020
Seven E-Commerce Delivery Trends to Expect in 2020

In the new decade, it may be time o say goodbye to the classic methods of delivery that are no longer sustainable. From parcel lockers to in-fridge delivery, here are seven major trends to expect...

Power Retail By Power Retail | 10 Mar 2020
Winning Group Launches Winning Services Brand and Website

John Winning, CEO of Winning Group, has announced the rebrand of its delivery, installation and warehousing service from Handy Crew to Winning Services and the launch of the Winning Services website.

7 Signs Your Retail Business Needs an Omnichannel Makeover

Online store causing paperwork headaches and customer service issues for your bricks-and-mortar staff? Looks like you need an omnichannel retail makeover.

Agile Commerce: A New Focus on the Customer Journey

The successful adoption of agile commerce strategy will help brands not just survive but thrive in a rapidly evolving market, writes Fatima Said.

By Fatima Said | 24 Mar 2014
Project Reviews: Effectively Managing Risk and Reward

Sometimes projects fail and most of the time these failures are completely avoidable. Manage the risk with a stringed project review process, writes Graham Oakes.

By Graham Oakes | 20 Jan 2014
Vacuums and Standoffs: Concerns for Organisational Governance

Responsibility and, perhaps more importantly, accountability are crucial to successful organisational governance, but there's a right and wrong approach, says Graham Oakes.

By Graham Oakes | 21 May 2013
Price Optimisation Strategies Increase Profits at City Farmers

How can a retail business provide better value for its customers while increasing profits? With the right price optimisation strategy, says City Farmers' Clayton Hollingsworth.

Jooman Park to Lead eBay Australia, New Zealand

Leader of eBay Korea, Jooman Park has been chosen to replace Deborah Starkey in her role as leader of eBay Australia & New Zealand Pty Ltd come July.

Infographic - Supply Chain Visibility

Most retailers and their supply partners know the benefits of enhanced supply chain visibility, but this infographic explains in detail why these processes are so important.

Bedshed: Multichannel Retail Without Selling Online

As Bedshed continues to roll out digital displays with web connectivity in-store, the necessity of an online sales channel is called into question.