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Retail Isn't Dying, It's Just Changing

The Australian Bureau of Statistics released a report showcasing an increase of sales by 0.9 percent in November. Online retail is on the rise. So, why are we saying that the industry is dying?

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 21 Jan 2020
eBay's Plans for Taking on Amazon

eBay Australia is primed to take on global powerhouse, Amazon. How? Ryan Murtagh, the CEO of Neto, looks at what eBay offers retailers in terms of partnerships and innovative strategies, as well as the e-tailers...

By Ryan Murtagh | 19 Jun 2018
Could Gender Quotas Save Retailers?

How beneficial are gender quotas in the workplace? Dean Salakas, Co-CEO at The Party People, discusses how gender quotas could potentially hold the secret to solving the retail industry’s woes.

By Dean Salakas | 07 Jun 2018
Emoji Search Is A Thing. Kill. Me. Now!

Emoji search is catching on - are you optimised for internet users searching by sad faces and thumbs up? Is this the end of civilization? I want to get off this planet.

By Grant Arnott | 10 Jul 2017
May, Time to Solidify Your FY18 Business Plan

For many of us, sh*t gets real in May. We’re halfway through the last quarter of the financial year and we’re either nailing FY17 financial targets and business objectives… or we’re not.

By Melody Townsend | 17 May 2017
Mindfulness in the New Retail Ecosystem

The dance between retailers and their supplier can be a complex one, and indeed a rough and tumble one too. Consider that the ACCC saw it fit to intercede last year between some of our...

By Paul Greenberg | 01 Mar 2017
Flash of Genius to An Annoying Problem

To reduce shipping charges, Dutch bike company VanMoof decided to get a bit creative (and naughty) with its shipping methods.

Facebook's Heartwarming Family Values

Based on its new 'News Feed Values', Facebook is changing up its news feed to prioritise content from friends and families, in a move that will help to increase its advertising revenue.

By Julian Thumm | 01 Jul 2016
Influencers Versus Brand Advocates

While social media influencers have become hot property for brands, do they really deliver or are you better off developing brand advocates from your existing customer base?

By Julian Thumm | 07 Jun 2016
The Sustainability of E-Commerce Delivery

As same-day delivery options become increasingly popular, and last-mile delivery fleets grow, the sustainability of e-commerce logistics must be questioned.

By Julian Thumm | 22 Feb 2016
Fake Apple Ad Raises Concerns About Instagram's Ad Platform

A fake Apple ad has slipped through Instagram's advertising API, bringing into question the credibility of not just Instagram's but all advertising API programs.

By Julian Thumm | 29 Jan 2016
The Rise of Visual Discovery

Image-based social media platforms Pinterest and Instagram are outpacing Facebook for growth and represent a valuable opportunity for online retailers.

By Grant Arnott | 21 Aug 2015