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CUE Now Offers One Hour Delivery for Online Orders

Forget Uber-style delivery, CUE is putting style first, and taking delivery to the next level with Uber. The Australian retailer has partnered with Uber and Shippit to get clothes to the shopper faster than before...

Power Retail By Power Retail | 28 Mar 2022
Get Your Shipping Mix Right, And Up Your Order Value

Here’s a cold hard fact: 60 percent of online customers will abandon their carts if they’re not offered free shipping. If you think about all the time, effort and dollars it costs to bring each...

By Shippit | 26 Feb 2019
eBay Launches Version of Amazon’s FBA

eBay has announced a new partnership with Australia Post subsidiary, Fulfilio. Under the company’s new fulfilment agreement, eBay sellers will reportedly have access to a national delivery network not unlike Amazon's own FBA.

April Davis By April Davis | 12 Jul 2018
What Online Retailers Really Think About One-Hour Shipping

Fast shipping is a hot e-commerce topic at the moment, but how do retailers actually feel about the service? We talk to Showpo, Tinyme and The Party People to find out.

April Davis By April Davis | 25 Jun 2018
Ikea Launches Same Day Click and Collect in Canberra

IKEA Australia has launched a same day click and collect service which is now available from the Canberra store responding to overwhelming customer demand. The faster new service is a first for IKEA Australia.

Power Retail By Power Retail | 28 Apr 2017
Amazon Prime Extends Perks To 3rd Party Retailers

Amazon has announced that customers of its Prime subscription service will see their Prime benefits extend to certain third-party retailers.

By Rory Betteridge | 05 Nov 2014
Exporting for Online Retailers - Top Tips for the Uninitiated

Want to begin exporting your products to customers around the globe? You may want to begin by exploring the complicated world of regional customs and taxation.

By Steve Partridge | 23 Sep 2014
Homegrown Drone Service Flirtey Moving Overseas

Flirtey, world pioneer in drone delivery, is departing from its Sydney roots to continue research and testing in greener pastures overseas.

By Rory Betteridge | 02 Sep 2014
Google Testing Drones for Google X Delivery in Outback Queensland

Google has recently completed early trials for an unmanned aerial delivery system in outback Queensland, bringing this pie-in-the-sky concept one step closer to commercial reality.

The Best Online Retailers are Using Deliveries as a Sales Multiplier

Andy Powell explains the three barriers the best online retailers must overcome to sell their deliveries service offering.

By Andy Powell | 24 Jul 2014
Convenience for Conversion: Delivery Options Become Consumer Expectations

Providing consumers with multiple options for delivery is a growing standard embraced by leading global retailers, but few Australian retailers are following suit, writes Kate Collinson.

By Kate Collinson | 17 Jul 2014
China Incorporates Rail Networks into E-Commerce Fulfilment

The growing Chinese courier industry has worked together to begin shipping e-commerce freight between the country's four largest cities.