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Safari's Latest Update and its Impact on Google Analytics

Last week, reports found that Apple's Safari has been blocking Google Analytics, which would have proved to be a serious issue for users of the tracking software. We asked e-commerce experts what this means, and...

Power Retail By Power Retail | 30 Jun 2020
Bye Bye iTunes: The Future of Apple

As music streaming technology develops, it's time to say goodbye to an old friend: iTunes. Apple is said to phase out the 18-year-old streaming platform in a bid to create a 'new era of Apps...

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 03 Jun 2019
Adidas, Nike, Apple Face Uncertain Future in Chinese Market

Analysts are concerned that weaker performance in the Chinese market could impact the bottom-line of some of the world’s biggest retail brands, both online and off.

April Davis By April Davis | 08 Jan 2019
Apple’s Desperate E-Commerce Deal

In light of reports that sales of Apple’s latest iPhone are tanking, the Silicon Valley tech company has made a deal with one of its rivals to help get its products in front of a...

April Davis By April Davis | 30 Nov 2018
Apple Leads the Way in Retail Cybersecurity

Research has revealed that Apple is the most secure online retailer, followed by other big-name retailers like Amazon and The Home Depot.

April Davis By April Davis | 19 Nov 2018
Jet.Com Ramps Up Online Game to Compete With Amazon

Walmart’s answer to Amazon’s growing marketplace, Jet.Com has launched a new online presence in a bid to better compete with the online powerhouse.

April Davis By April Davis | 14 Sep 2018
Amazon Hits the $1 Trillion Mark

Amazon at last caught up to Apple this week, becoming valued at $1 trillion in a share price surge.

From Billions to Trillion: Amazon is Catching Up to Apple

Amazon’s soaring share prices mean it's catching up to Apple to become the next trillion-dollar company.

Apple Becomes First Trillion-Dollar Company Following Strong Q3 Results

Apple’s profitable year has taken a record-breaking turn as it becomes the first company to reach the coveted trillion-dollar valuation mark.

Apple Reports 16 Percent Revenue Growth

Apple has announced its trading results for the quarter ending March 31, 2018, reporting a 16 percent growth in revenue from the same period in 2017.

April Davis By April Davis | 02 May 2018
Amazon Surprises No-One: Becomes Second-Most Valuable Company in the US

Last week Amazon surpassed Google’s parent Company, Alphabet, and became the second most valuable company in the US and arguably, the world.

By Hannah Ainsworth | 28 Mar 2018
Australian Online Retailers Need to be Extra Vigilant

Get ready Australia! We are set to see more international entrants in our retail landscape in 2017, including China and Amazon, according to a recent retail report from Deloitte.