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How Much are Aussies Going to Spend on Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is tipped to be bigger than 2020 by a mile, the CBA is reporting. But where will consumers choose to make their purchases?

Power Retail By Power Retail | 22 Dec 2021
Which is Bigger - Cyber Weekend or Boxing Day? The Answer Might Not Surprise You

Which will win the battle of the bargains? Roy Morgan has recently announced that more than $21 billion will be spent in post-Christmas sales, both online and in-store. How does this shape up to the...

Power Retail By Power Retail | 21 Dec 2021
Black Friday vs. Boxing Day - Which Will Win the Battle of the Bargains?

The battle of the bargains is on, but which sales event - Black Friday and Boxing Day - will take the top spot?

Power Retail By Power Retail | 10 Dec 2020
Is Your Brand Ready for the Next Sales Event?

From Cyber Monday to Click Frenzy, there are more sales events in the calendar year than you could shake a stick at. But do they have the same effect as they used to for customers?

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 25 Sep 2019
5.3 Million Aussies to Shop Online on Christmas Day

While most Aussies will be busy stuffing their faces and unwrapping presents on Christmas Day, a staggering 5.3 million people will be jumping online to take advantage of early Boxing Day sales.

April Davis By April Davis | 21 Dec 2018
Retailers to See Uplift in Post-Christmas Sales

The Australian Retailers Association (ARA) and Roy Morgan say both online and bricks-and-mortar retailers can expect to see continued momentum long after Santa’s sleigh bells return to the North Pole.

April Davis By April Davis | 20 Dec 2018
Online Shopping Reached Record Levels in 2017

Just what the retail sector needs, some good news! The latest figures show unprecedented growth for e-commerce in 2017, fuelled by online sales events that consumers are embracing like never before.

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 09 Mar 2018
Christmas Shopping to Top $1 Billion a Day

Consumers are likely to set a spending record in 2016, with a four percent increase on last year’s figures despite the slow year retail has experienced.

The eWAY Holiday Period Online Retail Report

Early January identified as the new key sales window, according to the eWAY Online Retail Report.

By Julian Thumm | 19 Jan 2016
Post-Christmas Australian Retail Index

The Australian Retail Index showed solid growth over December, with most sectors performing well.

By Grant Arnott | 11 Jan 2016
Boxing Day: Old Traditions Live On in Contemporary Retail

There's more to the Boxing Day sales than just grabbing a bargain, writes Russell Zimmerman. And the tradition has a bright future in our new retail world.

Boxing Day Spike in Online Sales

The post-Christmas sales period seems to have been successful for Australian online retailers, as ChannelAdvisor data reveals a spike in Boxing Day Sales.