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Business Confidence Leaps to Above Average 2021 Levels

Business confidence has returned to a healthy level of 115.3, lifting 10.2 percent as lockdown ends in Melbourne and Sydney. 

Power Retail By Power Retail | 27 Oct 2021
Afterpay Acquired by Square for $39B

Square is acquiring Afterpay for $39 billion. CEO, Jack Dorsey, says Square and Afterpay both have a 'shared purpose' and plans to integrate Afterpay into Square's Seller and Cash App business units. 

Power Retail By Power Retail | 02 Aug 2021
What the Budget Means for Retailers

Last night the Federal Government released its Budget for the year, the second since the announcement of the pandemic. Here is a basic break down of what the 2021 Budget will mean for retailers moving...

Power Retail By Power Retail | 12 May 2021