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Leveraging Discounts for the Distracted Online Shopper

Is e-commerce spearheading the next phase of the shopping revolution? Find out how brands can leverage discounts for the ever-distracted online shopper.

By Katt Srinivasan | 27 Jun 2019
Discounting Disaster: Latest Research Reveals 'Frightening Statistics'

According to a new report by Power Retail, only a minority of Aussie shoppers are willing to pay full price online. Are retailers slaves to discount-demanding consumers or have they actually created them. Most importantly:...

April Davis By April Davis | 02 Apr 2019
Amazon Gets Aggressive on Advertising Lower-Cost Products

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Amazon has been quietly testing pop-up ads that advertise the company’s private-label goods, at the expense of third-party product listings.

April Davis By April Davis | 19 Mar 2019
Is Australian Retail Becoming the Land of the Cheap?

According to the Founder of Temples and Markets, Judith Treanor, the growing love affair Australia has with brands like Kmart and cheap, mass-produced goods is taking a toll on the local e-commerce sector.

By Judith Treanor | 27 Feb 2019
ASOS Downgrades Profit Guidance After Slow November

According to a trading update for the first three months of FY19, ASOS’ sales have been lower than previously expected.

By Sam McConnell | 19 Dec 2018
Amazon Offers Sale Prices 13.8% Cheaper Than Competitors

The online shopping boom has seen the November retail calendar ramp up, with the pressure on to offer the best discounts and drive the most traffic. In the US, one retailer was the clear winner...

April Davis By April Davis | 11 Dec 2018
Amazon Undercuts Aussie Supermarkets on Price

The online supermarket war is ramping up, as Woolworths expresses concern over suppliers offering cheaper prices to Amazon.

April Davis By April Davis | 30 Nov 2018
Target and Walmart’s Online Stores Get Aggressive on Price

The two US department giants are going head-to-head in a pricing war, as Target looks to match, and in some cases beat, Walmart’s online store’s price points on a range of household essentials.

April Davis By April Davis | 06 Jul 2018
Discount Pressure and Online Sales Impacting Retailers, ABS Finds

The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ March quarter Consumer Price Index (CPI) report has revealed that price deflation and the impact of competition is impacting Australian retailers across the board.

April Davis By April Davis | 30 Apr 2018