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SLI Systems Reveals Online Fashion Innovation in Webinar and Industry Brief

SLI Systems has released an industry brief analysing the site search, navigation and merchandising solutions of leading fashion e-tailers, finding them to be cutting-edge when it comes to delivering a more 'high-touch' experience online. A...

By Jessica Benton | 07 Feb 2013
Transplanting the In-store Experience to the Online Environment

Replicating a fantastic retail experience online is paramount for e-commerce success, Mark Brixton from SLI Systems pinpoints the crucial elements to achieve web store optimisation.

By Mark Brixton | 10 Jul 2012
Online Retailer: the Essential Event for Savvy Online Traders

Retail is moving at hyper-speed. But what are the strategies you actually need to succeed? Do your business a favour and attend Online Retailer later this month, where you’ll learn from the leading industry experts.

By Jessica Benton | 03 Jul 2012
Is Ongoing Discounting Good for the E-commerce Industry?

Many people shop online because they believe they will find products cheaper than in a physical store. While this may be true to an extent, the practice is hurting retail. Chris Morley, Director of eezyempire,...

By Chris Morley | 30 Mar 2012
Online Retail in India Continues to Pick Up Pace

With its massive population, many of whom live in regional towns and are quickly catching onto shopping online, it's easy to see why e-commerce is taking off in India.

American Fashion Label Begins Australian Invasion

In yet another example of a US retailer looking to reach a wider audience, fashion label J.Crew will now ship products to our shores and over 100 other countries.

Power Up Case Profile: Interview with Brad Lindenberg

Brad Lindenberg, Australian tech entrepreneur and founder of online golf club customisation website Lind Golf, shares his experience in the field of e-commerce.

Myer is Hopeful Regardless of Retail Strife

The retail sector appears to be floundering, and even though Myer is among those affected, CEO Bernie Brookes says he sees light at the end of the tunnel.

Infographic - Social Commerce by Numbers

Many retailers and developers have their hopes set on social commerce taking off soon. This infographic reveals how the field has developed thus far.

Pricing Probe May Have Online Retail Repercussions

The ACCC is appraising Flight Centre's pricing strategy, which may herald the beginning of an all-out war against anti-competitive behaviour in Australian retail.

No Fear for Consumer Electronics Market - DealsDirect Acquires Extrastock

Despite concerns voiced for the local consumer electronics market by some industry heavy-hitters; DealsDirect is powering ahead announcing the acquisition of surplus electronics marketplace, Extrastock.

What Gives, Gerry?

Gerry Harvey has announced plans to scale back Harvey Norman's online operations in the same week that CBA forecasts even more consumers will move online in the year ahead. As consumers and retail continue to...