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How Much did Yesterday's Facebook Outage Cost Businesses?

While many Australians woke up to the social media outage yesterday, it caused a larger wave than at first thought. How much did this six-hour shut-down cost businesses?

Power Retail By Power Retail | 06 Oct 2021
S-Commerce and the 'Storeless' Future | Q&A with

Social commerce has exploded in popularity over the last six months, with retailers using the social space to appeal to a new audience and take advantage of the online retail boom. We spoke to Kevin...

Ally Feiam By Ally Feiam | 23 Nov 2020
ARA Announces Partnership with Facebook

The Australian Retailers Association has announced its partnership with Facebook with aims for 'deeper industry cooperation'. 

Power Retail By Power Retail | 10 Dec 2019
Tempted to Quit Social Media? This Brand Did

Is the golden age of social media over? Are you tired of fighting for organic reach and throwing money at paid advertising? Is the answer to ditch social all together?

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 15 Apr 2019
US Presidential Candidate Wants to “Break Up” Amazon, Google & Facebook

Elizabeth Warren hopes to secure the 2020 US Democratic presidential nomination by campaigning for the government to “break up monopolies” like Amazon, Google and Facebook.

April Davis By April Davis | 13 Mar 2019
Facebook Buys AI Online Shopping Start-Up

Facebook has purchased the digital start-up responsible for IKEA’s AI mobile app.

April Davis By April Davis | 12 Feb 2019
Amazon Takes on Google and Facebook in Advertising Pilot

Amazon reportedly offers third-party advertisers the chance to send product samples to its customers by utilising its consumer data, delivery network and 100 million plus Prime subscribers.

April Davis By April Davis | 10 Jan 2019
Inside Look: Spiritwoods Botanicals Social Strategy

As part of Facebook and Instagram’s annual “Gift Guide” initiative, we talk to the owner of Spiritwoods Botanicals to learn how she uses social media to increase her business’s brand awareness.

April Davis By April Davis | 29 Nov 2018
Facebook Opens Merchant Pop-Up Stores at Macy’s

Facebook is taking the concept of social commerce to the next level, opening small business pop-up stores for its online merchants.

April Davis By April Davis | 08 Nov 2018
Facebook and Instagram Upgrade to Cut Down Social Media Usage

Facebook and Instagram have announced changes to limit time spent on its platforms. How will this change consumer behaviour and what impact will it have for online retailers?

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 02 Aug 2018
Facebook Wants Consumers to Make Purchases Through Messenger

Facebook’s latest patent filing reveals plans for the social media giant to make shopping from third party suppliers through the messenger app, without being re-directed to a new site, possible.

April Davis By April Davis | 16 Jul 2018
Why 47% of Aussie Consumers Mistrust Social Media

The latest research from Roy Morgan reveals that Australian consumers are beginning to mistrust popular social networking sites like Facebook, which is becoming detrimental to online customer engagement.

April Davis By April Davis | 27 Jun 2018