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Amazon Salvages 400,000 Lost Products in Hasty Deal

Thousands of lost products have been resurrected on Amazon’s Indian marketplace after the online goliath sold its stake in a profitable local venture.

April Davis By April Davis | 12 Feb 2019
Flipkart and Amazon Face Fall-Out Over Indian Law Changes

Walmart-owned Flipkart is fending off the fall-out from the Indian government’s revised e-commerce legislations by taking advantage of the Canadian market.

April Davis By April Davis | 07 Feb 2019
Hundreds of Thousands of Products Pulled Amidst Indian E-Commerce Shake-Up

India’s new e-commerce laws came into effect on February 1, with Amazon and Flipkart rumoured to have pulled hundreds of thousands of products from their marketplaces to comply.

April Davis By April Davis | 05 Feb 2019
Flipkart’s $201 Million Cash Injection

As Walmart-owned Flipkart fights to fend off Amazon and keep afloat amidst tougher e-commerce regulations, the Indian-based business finalises a deal worth US$201 million.

April Davis By April Davis | 21 Jan 2019
Controversial Indian E-Commerce Laws to Cost Sector US$46 Billion

The latest in the Indian government’s plans to hone in on marketplace practices in the region could see online sales take a $46 Billion hit in the next three years.

April Davis By April Davis | 18 Jan 2019
New Indian E-Commerce Laws Outrage Online Marketplaces

Bitter rivals, Amazon and Flipkart have teamed up to fight the Indian Government on new online retail regulations that could thwart their expansion plans in the region.

April Davis By April Davis | 09 Jan 2019
Flipkart CEO Resigns Amidst Misconduct Allegations

Co-founder and CEO of Walmart-owned Flipkart, Binny Bansal has resigned, effective immediately.

April Davis By April Davis | 14 Nov 2018
eBay Generates $2.6 Billion Revenue, Focuses on CX

The global marketplace has reported strong growth in Q3, reportedly generating $2.6 billion in revenue for the three months ending September 30.

April Davis By April Davis | 02 Nov 2018
Google Looks to India to Expand its ‘Shopping’ Feature

While the Google Shopping tab has been through a number of iterations in Western markets, it’s yet to be introduced in emerging areas like India. According to insiders, the global powerhouse is about to level...

April Davis By April Davis | 17 Oct 2018
Flipkart Uses Google Bot to Help Customers Haggle Online

Flipkart has worked with Google Zoo to develop a ‘Hagglebot’ for its annual online sale, with the immersive voice-based bot reportedly bringing an authentic market experience to the online platform.

April Davis By April Davis | 10 Oct 2018
Walmart Recruits Influencers to Boost its Online Channels

Walmart is looking to increase the appeal of its marketplace by adding influencer content to its main channels.

April Davis By April Davis | 27 Jul 2018
SHEIN, ROMWE and JollyChic Plan Cross-Border Growth

Three of China’s biggest cross-border fashion and apparel e-tailers have set their sights on India’s e-commerce market, thanks to the country’s high potential for economic growth.

April Davis By April Davis | 09 Jul 2018