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Online Marketing Strategy for a Franchise Business Model

eStar explains the risks and opportunities for the franchise model and how to leverage the core business characteristics to compete and grow.

Greg Randall By Greg Randall | 04 Feb 2020
Kia Moves Dealerships Online Via Ebay

Car manufacturer Kia, have opened the door for local dealers in the US, by introducing a virtual eBay store that allows user to make an offer and negotiate vehicle purchases online.

HOT TOPIC: Cross-channel challenges

One of the major issues for aspiring multichannel retailers is managing the balance between e-commerce and bricks and mortar, especially where there are large numbers of corporate or franchised stores. What are some of the...

By Grant Arnott | 17 Sep 2010
PAIN RELIEF: The Franchised Multichannel Dilemma

One of the biggest barriers to going multichannel is that we have a combination of corporate stores and franchisees. What models work best in getting buy-in to the e-commerce idea from all stakeholders?

By Martin Newman | 13 Sep 2010