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Safari's Latest Update and its Impact on Google Analytics

Last week, reports found that Apple's Safari has been blocking Google Analytics, which would have proved to be a serious issue for users of the tracking software. We asked e-commerce experts what this means, and...

Power Retail By Power Retail | 30 Jun 2020
Measuring Social Media with Google Analytics

Do your social media channels convert? This guide will show you how to use Google Analytics to find out which are your most valuable social media channels.

By Carlos Cravo | 10 Feb 2016
Google Analytics 101: How To Optimise Your Marketing Strategy

If you’re not too familiar with Google Analytics, trying to find out how it works can be a daunting task. With so much data available to look for, it’s hard to know where to look...

By Michael Doyle | 03 Feb 2016
How to Configure Google Analytics to Calculate Gross Profit Per Visitor

Google Analytics can be configured to derive high-level insights into marketing strategies with just some basic calculations, writes Ross Beyeler.

By Ross Beyeler | 07 Mar 2014
Online Recommendations in the Real World

Are you adding value with your online recommendations or distracting customers? This amusing video from Google Analytics is food for thought.

By Grant Arnott | 28 Feb 2013
Google's Universal Analytics: Consumer Adaptive Retailing

Today, the average consumer connects to the internet in numerous ways, whether that be via smartphone, desktop or tablet device, and Google believes it has found a way to track this activity across multiple devices...

By Michelle McGrath | 31 Oct 2012
Getting to Know Your Online Detective

Google Analytics can help unravel the inner workings of your customer by offering clues into search intent, shopping behaviour and what makes them tick.

By Neha Kale | 22 Sep 2011
New Google Analytics Update Offers Total View of Path to Purchase

A new Google Analytics update is set to change the reporting game for online retailers by offering an end-to-end view of a customer's path to purchase.

By Neha Kale | 26 Aug 2011
How to Effectively Track and Measure ROI for Online Marketing Initiatives

Dominic Gluchowski, Search Director for SEO Falcon uncovers how to leverage Google Analytics in order to accurately capture and measure return on investment for various online marketing initiatives.

SPECIAL REPORT #1: The Analytics Imperative

The Analytics Imperative, a Special Report compiled by Power Retail and brought to you by Coremetrics, lifts the lid on best practices in e-commerce analytics through a range of interviews, analysis, case studies and proven...

By Grant Arnott | 18 Aug 2010