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Fastest Isn’t Always Best – What Shoppers Really Want From Delivery

Fastest? Cheapest? Most convenient? Research reveals what consumers really want from their last mile delivery experience.

April Davis By April Davis | 06 Mar 2019
Research Reveals That BNPL is Growing by 120% Each Year

Power Retail’s first ‘Spotlight Series’ report has revealed that 1.8 million Australian consumers are actively using buy now, pay later services, representing a growth rate of 120 percent per annum.

April Davis By April Davis | 12 Dec 2018
Click Frenzy Awards $50K to “Australia’s Best Online Shopper”

The search for Australia’s best online shopper has come to a close, as Click Frenzy awards $50K to its first Ironshopper winner.

April Davis By April Davis | 16 Nov 2018
Click Frenzy Announces Hunt for Australia’s Best Online Shopper

In the lead up to its November sales event, Click Frenzy has announced its flagship 'Ironshopper' competition. With a $50,000 cash prize up-for-grabs, the company is looking to attract more eager shoppers to its annual...

April Davis By April Davis | 24 Oct 2018
Retail Stars Shine at the Inaugural All Star Bash

The Power Retail All Star Bash has finally landed. We take you through the fun and celebrations of the newest event on Australia's retail calendar.

By Julian Thumm | 25 Feb 2016
The All Star Bash Kicks Off Tomorrow

Power Retail's All Star Bash kicks off tomorrow night, so before we bring the good times, we thought we'd drop a little teaser of what's in store.

Power Retail By Power Retail | 24 Feb 2016
Content Weapons of Mass Conversion

Enjoy this content marketing webinar free on Power Retail. Watch the pre-recorded video for highlights.

Power Retail By Power Retail | 02 Sep 2015
Click Frenzy Launches New Event Mayhem

Click Frenzy, the online shopping mega-sale held in November, is launching a new event, Mayhem, on Tuesday May 19 to kickstart the mid-year online shopping frenzy.

Power Retail By Power Retail | 06 May 2015
Click Mania Launched by Click Frenzy

The team behind Click Frenzy has unveiled Click Mania, Australia's newest online shopping destination, an eye-catching year-round bonanza of offers.

By Samantha Youl | 04 Dec 2013
Click Frenzy Passes Halfway Mark of Record Breaking Event

With the website holding up under pressure, this year's Click Frenzy event is already being hailed a success by retailers witnessing record-breaking results.

Click Frenzy Aims To Top 2012 Numbers

Click Frenzy is powering up for its flagship event, the Sale That Stops A Nation starting Tuesday November 19, with a close to full roster of super brand name Australian retailers.

Click Frenzy Mother's Day: The Sale Lives On

Click Frenzy Mother's Day has been live for well over 12 hours. Here's our update on crashes, piggybackers and Twitter commentary.