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Woolies and Coles Battle it out to Leverage Click & Collect

The major players in the supermarket sector are supercharging their sales via Click & Collect as consumer sentiment starts to change. What's next?

Natasha Sholl By Natasha Sholl | 19 Feb 2019
New Retail: No Brands. Everything Costs $3

There’s a new player in online retail; it’s selling unbranded merchandise including food, grocery supplies and other items, all with a price tag of US $3.

China’s Booming Online Grocery Market

When you walk into Hema, a Chinese grocery store in Shanghai, you may think it’s an ordinary scene at an ordinary supermarket of shoppers browsing through an orderly row of fruits, veggies and seafood. However,...

Amazon Go Checkout-Free Supermarkets Spreading to UK

Amazon is laying the foundation to bring its futuristic checkout-free Amazon Go stores to the UK and Europe, in order to break into the $800 billion online grocery global market.

How Woolworths is Preparing for Amazon

Woolworths is bracing itself for the imminent arrival of US e-Commerce giant Amazon in Australia, announced in its annual shareholders meeting in Sydney yesterday.

What if Amazon Fresh Heads to Oz?

Reports have emerged that the e-Commerce giant is headed down under to capture our grocery market in just a couple years.

Amazon’s 2,000 Planned Grocery Stores

Amazon’s goal is to open up 2,000 Fresh-branded bricks and mortar grocery stores over the next decade according to internal documents.

Aussie Farmers Direct Launches Virtual Store

Aussie Farmers Direct has created an innovative way to shop groceries online using a virtual shopping app.

Power Retail By Power Retail | 15 Sep 2015
US Report: Online Grocery Sales Increasing

More than half of US online grocery shoppers say they are increasing the amount of total grocery shopping they do online, according to the results of a new survey.

By Sam Gopal | 30 Jun 2015
Walmart to up the Ante in E-Commerce Race with Amazon

The world’s largest retailer is testing out a free delivery service, as well as grocery pick-up kiosks, as it looks for new ways to compete with Amazon.

By Sam Gopal | 23 Jun 2015
Blurring Channel Boundaries with Multiplex Retailing

US-based Josh Sigel, Tech Expert, believes neither multichannel nor omnichannel commerce represent a truly integrated brand experience. Instead, the future of retail is multiplex.

HelloFresh Receives US$50 Million to Continue Global Expansion

The start-up grocery delivery business, HelloFresh has announced the receipt of new funding in a round led by New York-based Insight Venture Partners.