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One IT Solution to Do It All: Building a Holistic Retail System

An increasingly common requirement for modern retail systems is the need to integrate existing IT infrastructure with new technologies, including cloud, writes Dermot McCann.

By Dermot McCann | 19 Jun 2014
A-Z of Fulfilment Concerns for Online Retailers - Part Two: Coverage and IT

In the previous instalment in this series, Garry Yovich discussed the pressing business priorities and goals that must be considered prior to partnering with a fulfilment provider. This week, he looks at ensuring you achieve...

By Garry Yovich | 02 Oct 2013
Retail Directions Helps Underpin Cotton On’s Fast-track Growth

Cotton On is attempting a seamless customer journey across all sales channels. The omni-channel retailer has implemented Retail Directions' retail management and store systems to assist with this goal and support its rapid growth plans.

By Jessica Benton | 07 May 2013
Retailer's Pain: Staying Ahead of IT

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Whether a retailer is multichannel or omnichannel, many elements of retail basics still apply.

Ongoing Tablet Growth Could Affect In-House IT

Forrester Research is soon to release a report that reveals just how popular tablets are becoming, which in turn entails the continued consumerisation of IT.

What the Cloud is Really About

The majority of businesses engaging 'The Cloud' are only harnessing a tiny fraction of its power. Graham Oakes demystifies the notion of cloud computing.

By Graham Oakes | 17 Apr 2012
Is IT still relevant?

Not according to some people. Graham Oakes postulates on the future of the IT department in a world where everybody's gone digital.

By Graham Oakes | 20 Feb 2012