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ASOS Unfazed by GST Threshold, Views Australia as a 'Hungry Market'

Unfazed by the debate over the GST threshold, ASOS views Australia as a market hungry for affordable fashion. Jon Kamaluddin to share the ASOS formula for success.

By Samantha Youl | 16 Sep 2011
ASOS Australia Now Live - Exclusive Interview

Breaking news - ASOS has just launched its Australian store, but not as Grant Arnott shares an exclusive video interview with International Director Jon Kamaluddin, keynote at the upcoming Online Retailer Conference.

By Grant Arnott | 15 Sep 2011
Apparel Phenomenon ASOS to Launch Australian Site

ASOS names Australia its second largest market and announces plans to launch a localised site. What can Australian retailers learn from this pure-play giant?